Chops Chicago Steakhouse (Greenbelt 5) with Eat Out Manila

We had the opportunity to meet with some of the representatives from Eat Out Manila when they invited us to dinner at Chops Chicago Steakhouse. It was a first for us so we were excited to see what the place had to offer to their customers.

Chops storefront

Chops Chicago Steakhouse is located at the uppermost level of Greenbelt 5, neighbors to Kimpura and Peking Garden.


The interiors of the place ooze with sophistication. Chops Chicago Steakhouse was first thought to just appeal to a male-dominated customer base, but was found to attract families who are looking for a place where they can get steaks.

chefs of Chops

We were able to meet and speak with the esteemed Chef Pete Ayson and his top chefs. Chef Pete has had years of experience cooking and coming up with new dishes. As an Executive Chef of many of Manila’s restaurants, he’s had the chance to work with different entrepreneurs who have ventured into the challenging food industry.
Chef Pete was game enough to tell us about Chops and the dishes which they served to us. Because he appreciates meat a lot, he is very strict about the way his steaks are prepared and where they are sourced.

wedge salad

The Wedge Salad (Php320.00) consisted of lettuce, croutons, chopped tomatoes, bacon, onions with blue cheese dressing. I have to admit that this salad won me over. The blue cheese retained its characteristic smooth, mild pungency, but didn’t distract from the rest of the textures and subtle flavors in the salad.

bone marrow

For those who prefer something richer for starters, The Bone Marrow (Php295.00) may be more up your alley.


Another surprising favorite of mine was their take on the Bruschetta (Php375.00). I enjoyed the contrasting flavors and texures of the smoked bacon, thinly sliced apples, arugula and balsamic vinegar. A small piece of foie gras sat on top of each crostini, although I personally don’t mind if they weren’t part of the dish.

teriyaki rib eye

One of the items served to us that evening was their special dish, which is being offered for a limited time. This set showcases how they can put some Asian elements into their cooking (Php850.00+10% service charge). It consists of Ponzu Teriyaki Rib Eye Cutlets, the cute basket of Steamed Dimsum Style Market Vegetables

wagyu fried rice

House Made Pickled Cabbage Kimchi , Wagyu Stir Fry Superior Fried Rice and their Yin Yang Dipping Sauce.

raw meat tray

Ask for the Meat Platter when you’re deciding on which cut to get!


We were served two different types of steaks that evening. Each was prepared with just salt and pepper, so that the taste of the meat shines through. They were also served with Beef Au Jus on the side.

The steaks were served still a bit pinkish in the center and was tender and juicy. The Boyfriend said that the steaks at Chops was way better than the ones he had the night before at another restaurant found in nearby Greenbelt 2. He was very pleased with them that he even contemplated getting the fatty parts, which he decided against on after a while. :p

side dishes 1

Chops offer an assortment of side dishes which you could order to enjoy with your steak. Each of the side dishes cost Php180.00. Some of the side dishes available include (from left, clockwise) the Creamed Spinach with Organic Egg, Potato Overload, Cardiac Rice

side dishes 2

Truffle Mac & Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Garlic Broccoli and Slinky Potatoes. My personal favorites would be the Creamed Spinach, Slinky Potatoes, and the Potato Overload. I can honestly stick with just the side dishes and be incredibly happy!

burger 1

burger 2

Burgers are also available for those who would want to enjoy their meat in this way.

chocolate cigars

Said to be one of their most famous desserts, the Dark Chocolate Cigars (Php290.00) are basically bourbon mascarpone cream filled sticks, dipped in dark chocolate. I loved the presentation, but I thought another dessert bested it from my list. You’ll find out which dessert that is once you reach the end of the post. 🙂

rootbeer cake

The Root Beer Cake (Php245.00) was the most talked-about desserts of the evening, and not just because of the unusual presentation. This dessert consists of chocolate lava cake served inside a tall, chilled mug  with sarsaparilla essence, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and, of course, more chocolate ganache!

pecan pie

I think my brother would love to get his hands on their Pecan Pie (Php320.00)!

banana cream pie

My personal favorite among the desserts was their Banana Cream Pie (Php225.00). Taste-wise, it’s kind of similar to the banoffee pies you get from coffee shops and/or bakeries, but with a smoother, creamier consistency. The graham chocolate crust and peanut brittle used were just extra stuff I ended up loving.

*Note: Since I’m not allowed to eat beef due to religious restrictions, I made sure I went to the event with a trusted companion who was appreciative of a good, hearty meal. The Boyfriend was the one who ate my share of anything beef and we used most of his opinions as basis for this blog post. I still ate all the other stuff though; I didn’t want to miss out completely! 😉

*CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse is located at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. They also have another branch at Shangri-La Mall.


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