The SM Center Pasig Food Crawl (Part 1 of 3)

The SM Center Pasig doesn’t come to mind as spontaneously as other places when you think of dining hot spots, but things might just be about to change. Situated just next to Tiendesitas, the SM Center Pasig is a small place where you can buy your necessities and have a good selection of food to choose from as well- all without having to fight against throngs of shoppers.

I personally think it’s an underrated place, so in this post, let me share with you more than 10 of the places where you can get some good grub when you decide to visit SM Center Pasig.

1. Kuya J Restaurant 

Kuya J restaurant facade

Kuya J Restaurant originally hailed from Cebu and started expanding their operations in Manila and other places in the Philippines. Promising to serve delicious Filipino cuisine to their diners, this restaurant chain delivers your classic favorites plus some other ones which are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.


I highly suggest starting your meal with their garlicky and buttery Grilled Scallops (Php210.00).  

chorizo dynamite

For those looking for just a tiny bit of heat, go for their Chorizo Dinamita (Php170.00). These chorizo-stuffed long green chilies are served with garlic mayo on the side. Don’t worry, it’s not as spicy as you’d think! 😉

lumpia presko

Want to eat healthy? Try their Lumpiang Presko (Php95.00), made with crab meat, bamboo shoots and alfalfa sprouts in a moringa / malunggay – infused wrapper.

tokwa't baboy

I absolutely loved their take on Tokwa’t Baboy (Php190.00), where the chunks are drizzled with the soy sauce and tuba (sugarcane) sauce. Hands down one of my favorite items from the meal.

pork sisig

Have a go at the indulgent Pork Sisig (Php190.00).

beef kare kare

Beef Kare-Kare (Php399.00), a must-have in most Filipino family meals.

crispy pata

Their Crispy Pata (Php600.00 for Family size) is cut in front of you to show you how crispy the skin is.

table coffee flan

The Tablea Coffee Flan (Php85.00) was an interesting mix of sweet and bitter.

mango pandan

The beautifully presented and equally delicious Mango Pandan, served with caramel “sticks” as garnish.

2. Doner G

Doner G signage

I admit I haven’t heard a lot of things about Doner G before I set foot in their store during this tour, but I really appreciated that the owner took time to tell us a bit about their products. They even have baklava for sale, but mostly only on weekends, since the owner mentioned that it’s a very time-consuming dessert to make.

ottoman's platter

For big groups, go for the Ottoman’s Platter (Php600.00). This platter consists of the Chicken Shish Kebab, Kofte Shish Kebab, Chicken Pirzola, Turkish Meatballs and rice. The Turkish Meatballs, which was made from beef and lamb combined, was a crowd favorite.

pita pockets

I reckon their Chicken (Php120.00) and Beef (Php150.00) Pita Pockets are perfect for when you’re on the go.

3. Chatime

Chatime storefront

Chatime has long established itself as one of the strongest milk tea chains here in Manila. Operated by the same group behind the French Baker chain of stores, Chatime is frequently spotted beside their sister company.

Chatime drinks

They currently have summer drinks available, one of which is this Strawberry Milk Tea Smoothie.

Chatime burger

Chatime has also started to incorporate more food into their menu and introduced their own Chatime Burger, with French Baker’s famous croissants serving as the buns.

Fish and chips

For this Lenten season, Chatime offers Fish and Chips for a limited time.

Chatime fries

Their fries also come in cheese and barbecue flavors. I couldn’t stop munching on these while we were there! :p

chicken chop

Pepper Salt Chicken Chops and Annatto Rice Pilaf

chicken sandwich

There’s also a Chicken Sandwich available for those who want to forego eating rice.

4. Hanako

Hanako storefront

Hanako Japanese Restaurant is a quirky little place which serves your Japanese comfort food. What separates Hanako from the newer Japanese places is that they don’t have ramen on the menu, but their other items are really more than enough to gratify your picky palate.

spicy tuna crunch

Spicy Tuna Crunch (Php189.00)

California Gunkan

I got to try one type of maki I’ve never had before: the California Gunkan (Php219.00). These interesting rolls are filled with kanitamago, cucumber and – wait for it- crunchy salmon skin! Add the fresh mango bits sitting on top each roll and you get a delicious meal in itself.

pork gyoza

Pork Gyoza (Php69.00 for 2 pieces, 129.00 for 4 pieces)

beef yakiniku

Beef Yakiniku (Php179.00)

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki (Php179.00)

Feeling hungry, yet? We’re just in the 4th stop and there’s still so much more I want to share. I’ll be uploading the 2nd part of this series in a few days’ time. Make sure to check back soon! 😉

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