The SM Center Pasig Food Crawl (Part 3 of 3)

*Don’t miss out on the other stuff in this SM Center Pasig Food Crawl series, check out Parts 1 and 2 before you proceed! ūüôā

9. Figaro

Figaro SM Pasig storefront

One of the latest stores to open at¬†SM Center Pasig is Figaro. Although it doesn’t seem to be as popular as other coffee shops in the metro, I think I can safely say that Figaro serves one of the better cups of coffee around.

cups of coffee from Figaro

Their Cafe Latte and Cappuccino are a tad stronger than those found in other places, but they sit perfectly well with me.

chocolate cake

I also have clear recollections of devouring and pledging loyalty to their rum cakes when I was younger, but their Chocolate Cake isn’t half bad! I might just have found a new favorite!

pudding with vanilla sauce

Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

chicken caesar sandwich

Chicken Caesar Sandwich (Php219.00)

Pasta a la Carlo

Another noteworthy dish is their¬†Pasta ala Carlo¬†(Php229.00). Their server informed us that this was a mix of three of their pasta dishes, including my all-time favorite¬†Arrabbiata. I wasn’t sure how tossing together three different pasta dishes would work, but it was definitely an experience! The sweetness is the first thing that greets you, which then becomes overcome by the saltiness and then ends with just a hint of spiciness. Overall, a delicious combination of flavors that I wouldn’t mind having again!

10. Tea Monkey

Tea Monkey storefront

Tea Monkey is another new establishment in my books. I love their logo and wall designs; something cute and cheerful to leave all the negativity behind. I was informed that they used to be located in a different area, but has since transferred their operations to this spot in SM Center Pasig.


Tea Monkey is best known for their milk teas, but their tamayaki are quite famous too!

matcha quaffle

For something a little unusual, try their chewy Green Tea / Matcha Quaffle (Php80.00). You can also choose to eat it with either a maple or chocolate dip (Php20.00).

rice meals

Fancy something savory? They also have rice meals on the menu, some of which are the Pork Belly (Php120.00, right) and Chicken Thigh Fillet (Php120.00, left) with Rice. You even get to choose if you want your meat seasoned with salt & pepper, honey or cumin!

11. Pazzo Rollio

Pazzo Rollio logo

My first encounter with Pazzo Rollio was when I spotted them at Robinson’s Magnolia. This pizza place has an unassuming presence and is easy to miss, but I think they are worthy of more attention.

Pazzo Rollio instructions

An easy and enjoyable way to eat your pizza.

Pazzo Rollio pizza

The Big Bang Supreme (Php220.00 for Solo, Php400.00 for Family) was one of my personal favorites during the entire tour. Yes, I was already filled to the brim, but I still managed to make room for this. :p I’m not the type to say no to anything with bacon, ham, pepperoni, caramelized onions, mushrooms and cheeeeese. ūüėČ


Stuff those pizza slices with Alfalfa Sprouts and Arugula to better balance all the flavors.

spinach artichoke dip

Popeye’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Php160.00), served with bread and chips

classic parmigiana

Their Classic Parmigiana (Php245.00) was so good with the chicken breast, mozzarella and pomodoro sauce.

12. Bread Z

BreadZ storefront

Just next door from Pazzo Rollio is Bread Z, where customers may choose from an assortment of baked goods to enjoy in-store or bring home to their families. According to one of their posters inside the store, Bread Z aims to merge the influences of Hong Kong-style bakeries with our local techniques in order to give customers those soft flour buns which are easy to enjoy.

bread display

Here are just some of the selections available when we dropped by their store.

potato summit

The Mashed Potato Sami resembles a baked potato with multiple toppings. :p A bit messy to eat, but pretty good!


One of their bestsellers is called the Kakaxili, a layered cake that has cream and raspberry inside. ¬†It’s very airy and light, made more delectable because it’s not too sweet.

13. Taste Asia

Taste Asia storefront

One of the things that set¬†SM Center Pasig’s food court apart from the other malls’ is their paluto services. You get to purchase the type of seafood you want from them and have it prepared in the way you like. We were informed that their cooking rates start at Php150.00 per kilo of raw materials.

steamed suahe

suahe sauce

One of their most popular paluto requests is the Steamed Live Suahe, served with their secret chili and soy sauce blend on the side.

Bonus Stop: Juan Stop Inasal

Juan Stop storefront

Juan Stop Inasal prides itself in serving delicious chicken inasal and other grilled Filipino dishes at an affordable price range. We heard that they’re one of the stalls in SM Center Pasig which regularly has long queues during peak hours. They also have another branch along N. Domingo Street in San Juan and are open to having their customers order their goods for takeaway.

chicken inasal

Most of their items, including this Jumbo Inasal Paa (Php99.00) come with unlimited servings of rice cooked with chicken oil.

After 10 hours of going through the SM Center Pasig Food Crawl, we ended up with bulging tummies and massive smiles. It was like going through a Survivor challenge! So if you’re ever looking to go on a culinary adventure, give the SM Center Pasig a shot, you and your tummies will not be disappointed. ūüôā

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