The Script No Sound Without Silence Concert

I was able to attend The Script’s No Sound Without Silence concert last April 17 at the SM MOA Arena. I love this album of theirs so I was really excited to watch them perform live again, several years after their previous concert.

Here was their set list, in case you’re interested to know:

  1. Paint the Town Green
  2. Hail, Rain or Sunshine
  3. Breakeven
  4. The End / Before the Worst
  5. Superheroes / We Cry
  6. If You Could See Me Now
  7. Man on a Wire
  8. Nothing
  9. Good Ol’ Days
  10. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
  11. Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  12. You Won’t Feel A Thing
  13. Six Degrees of Separation
  14. It’s Not Right For You


  1. The Energy Never Dies
  2. For The First Time
  3. No Good in Goodbye
  4. Hall of Fame

Opening acts included Colton Avery and one of our local bands, Silent Sanctuary. Both managed to warm the crowd up before The Script took center stage.

I’d like to share some photos from the event with you guys. There aren’t a lot, though, since I wanted to fully appreciate the concert. Oh, and if you haven’t bought the No Sound Without Silence CD, you can listen to them on Spotify. Enjoy! 🙂

The Script enters the venue

Danny O’ Donoghue and the rest of the band entered the venue from the door nearest where we were seated.

Band playing on the main stage

Playing on the main stage

transfer to the 2nd stage

They transferred to their second stage, which was nearer to us.

on guitars


Danny O' Donoghue

Danny O’ Donoghue

Glen Power
Glen Power

Mark SheehanMark Sheehan

Danny passing through the audience area

Danny on his way back to the main stage. He passed through an area where some of the audience were seated, much to the fans’ delight.


onstage 2

almost the end of the concert

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