Purple Oven: F7 Building, Q.C.

I’ve heard about Purple Oven several years ago, but have never taken the time to schedule a visit to what used to be their only branch in Pasig. We’ve heard a lot of people say that this place supplies the baked goods of a popular coffee chain in Manila, but one member of their sales team told us that it’s no longer the case. They’ve started expanding and opening several branches, so my parents and I have had the chance to visit two of them.

Purple Oven logo

The thing I noticed about Purple Oven’s shops is that they’re mostly difficult to spot. No fancy signage, no bright lights screaming at you to catch your attention. Just a simple and modest space which you’ll be curious to enter once you finally find it.

menu board

They have a menu board showing the baking schedule of their items.

non refrigerated goods

A tempting display of their quiches, cookies, croissants, etc. I’ve tried some of their cookies and they were good. The chocolate crinkles, on the other hand, weren’t something I’d rave about.

cake display

I had to move away quickly from their cakes display unless my willpower abandons me and I end up ordering an entire cake for myself. I haven’t tried any of their cakes before, and I’ve been reading a lot of mixed reviews about them. Maybe I’ll give them a shot one of these days.

ham and cheese savory buns

My parents and I decided to spend some time in the newest store to enjoy our cups of brewed coffee. Dad really liked Purple Oven’s Ham and Cheese Savory Buns. Another thing he loves? Their croissants!

chocolate doughnuts

Mom has a thing for Chocolate Doughnuts.

I decided to try their Apple Crumb Pie.  Let the Purple Oven team heat the pie before having it served to you. You’ll have to wait for a few minutes, but you’ll get that beautiful cinnamon scent wafting through the air in exchange! The apple chunks in the one I got still retained a certain degree of crunchiness to them, making the eating a lot more enjoyable.

apple crumb pie

The apple crumb pie was available in a smaller sized one which can satisfy up to two individuals. I decided to get that thinking Mom would be willing to share it with me. She didn’t and I ended up eating the entire thing. No regrets though! :p

*Purple Oven now has several branches all over the city: St. Peter Street in Pasig; Temple Drive in Corinthian Hills; San Antonio Plaza Arcade along McKinley Road; YMCA Building in Makati; F7 Building along Sct. Rallos Street in Q.C. and at Solenad 2 in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

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  1. I just gotta gotta try those ham and cheese savory buns. What are their other drinks aside from coffee?

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