Nanbantei of Tokyo (Greenbelt 3): A First Impressions Review

Despite the dizzying number of dining establishments at the entire Greenbelt area, there are only a handful of which we normally go back to. One of those places is Nanbantei of Tokyo located at Greenbelt 3.

Nanbantei dining area

The interiors are mostly accented by wood and is quite spacious. I really liked the open kitchen theme where you can watch the staff grill your orders. Choose a seat right in front of the grilling area if you want to watch all the action as it unfolds. I really liked that Nanbantei of Tokyo’s exhaust system is excellent since there’s no heavy layer of smoke in the dining area.

assorted cold vegetable sticks

To start off your meal, the servers will be providing you with bowls of assorted cold vegetable sticks to munch on while waiting for your food to arrive.

watermelon and strawberry mango shake

I normally go for tea whenever I eat at Japanese or Chinese restaurants, but was craving for something sweet during this dinner. I went with the Strawberry Mango Shake (left, Php100.00), while The Boyfriend ordered the Watermelon Shake (right, Php100.00). We both agreed that the Strawberry Mango shake was way better than the watermelon one. Go give it a try when you can! 🙂

salmon sashimi

With the both of us being huge sashimi fans, we decided to order a serving of Salmon Sashimi (Php210.00) to share. A piece or two had some of those “stringy” parts, making it less enjoyable.

Negima sticks

It took us a while to decide on which items to order, but we did end up ordering four kinds of kushiyaki (skewered and grilled meats and vegetables). The Negima (Php110.00 for 2 sticks) was a great pairing of tender chicken meat with roasted leeks.

poteto maki

We also chose to be a little experimental and go with a serving of the Poteto Maki (Php100.00 for 2 sticks). It’s like eating chunks of baked potato with bacon! Yummy, but it was my least favorite kind since the potato felt a little too dry.

shiho maki

The Shiso Maki (Php150.00 for 2 sticks) featured tender pork meat wrapped in the minty and refreshing shiso leaf. The freshness of the leaf cut nicely into all the meaty flavor.

leba maki

Our favorite among the four types we ordered was the Leba Maki (Php150.00 for 2 sticks).  The creamy chicken liver was each wrapped in thin slices of pork, making it such an addictive thing to eat. It has definitely secured its place in our “must-order” from this restaurant!

fried rice

You can choose to enjoy all your grilled items with a bowl of Japanese Fried Rice (Php120.00)..


or you can choose to have them with Salmon Onigiri (Php85.00), just like what I did! 🙂 It’s not Seryna material, but still pretty good.

The amount of food we ate was definitely a lot less than what we normally consume when we dine out, but we DID feel full afterwards. Next time, though, I would skip both sashimi and onigiri and stick with ordering other kushiyaki items. I think that’s a lot more fun! 😀 If you dine there and have trouble deciding on what to get, they offer platters and sets consisting of 18 to 21 different sticks. You might want to give that a shot. 🙂

*Nanbantei of Tokyo currently has 2 branches: Greenbelt 3 in Makati City and at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig.


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  1. I love Nanbantei. I was actually here a couple of weeks ago. Try their best sellers platter next time you are here. =)

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