Tokyo Tenya: A First Impressions Review

A couple of days ago, I was invited to try the newest Japanese place to open in SM Megamall. Tokyo Tenya is a popular food chain in Japan specializing on nothing but tempura. After the massive craze with ramen, katsu and curries, the Philippines is being reintroduced to a dish that so many people here love, whether they be young or old.

Tokyo Tenya storefront
Tokyo Tenya is brought to the Philippine shores by the same team behind Racks.

Tokyo Tenya interiors

Their dining area isn’t very big, but can seat a decent number of customers comfortably.

Tokyo Tenya condiments on the table

Isobe Cheese

The best way to start a meal at Tokyo Tenya is by enjoying the Isobe Cheese (Php185.00). It’s a dish where cheddar cheese is encased in roasted seaweed, battered and fried. Dip each piece in the Japanese mayo provided and enjoy each bite of cheesy goodness. I suggest eating them while they’re hot, since the cheese does solidify after a while.

agedashi tofu

For those looking for classic side dishes, Tokyo Tenya offers their version of the Agedashi Tofu (Php145.00).

kara age
They also have the well-loved Karaage (Php165.00).

All Star Tempura Cold Soba
Hungry diners will get a kick out of their sets. One of the most complete sets is called the All-Star Tempura Soba / Udon (Php455.00). You get to choose whether you want soba or udon noodles, and whether you’ll be having them hot or cold.

All Star Tempura teishoku
If you don’t think you can handle the extra carbs brought by the noodles, go with their All-Star Tempura Teishoku (Php430.00). This comes with the same complete assortment of tempura items, potato salad (available at Php115.00, a la carte), and a bowl of miso soup.

tempura basket
Here’s a closer look at the tempura pieces from our sets. Included are a piece of black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, small kakiage, green beans and mushrooms. This is also available a la carte and is called the All-Star Tempura Basket (Php350.00).

Photo above borrowed from Tenya Philippines
Photo above borrowed from Tenya Philippines’ official                                                    Facebook page

If you’re not into the big sets, Tokyo Tenya also offer tempura rice bowls which they refer to as Tendon. It’s up to you if you want to have chicken, prawns, vegetables or pork belly slices sitting on top of your rice. Each tendon is drizzled with their signature Dontare sauce and served with a bowl of miso soup.

In case you’re wondering how this restaurant manages to make their fried stuff cook and color evenly, it’s because they have patented their own Automatic Fryer. This fryer is controlled by a computer program and uses infrared technology to cook the food.

fruity pops

For the perfect way to end a heavy meal, I suggest ordering one of their Fruity Juicy Pops (Php75.00). There are several flavors to choose from, but Dems and I chose the strawberry and coconut lychee ones, respectively. I liked the tiny bits of coconut in mine, while Dems loved the strawberry flavor in hers. She said it reminded her of her recent visit to Baguio City, the place famous for their strawberry farms.

*Interested to try the items from Tokyo Tenya? Head over to the 4th floor of SM Megamall’s Building A and get your tempura fix! 

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  1. Wow, it is great how there’s a tempura themed restaurant again. I’m not really a fan of the other tempura types aside from shrimp though but I will certainly pay this resto a visit.

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