Paul Boulangerie (SM Aura): A First Impressions Review

Have I told you how much I love breakfasts? I love them so much that I wouldn’t mind waking up extra early if it means I get a good meal first thing in the morning. I’m more into homemade breakfasts, but having a fancier one every so often is cool too.

Paul logo

Found myself at Paul Boulangerie at SM Aura a few weeks ago when I accompanied my brother’s family to buy their groceries. Located at the ground floor of the mall, it serves as a good place to kill some time while waiting for the mall to open.

Paul display counter
An assortment of pastries tempting anybody who came close to take a look.

sandwiches display

Sandwiches! My Mom would surely love these.

strawberry tart from Paul

Paul’s strawberry tart is expensive at more than a hundred bucks per piece, but it’s a nice item to indulge on. I enjoyed the contrast between the creamy custard and plump strawberry slices against the hard shell. I suggest ordering one when you’re there!

Bfast complete

Paul offers breakfast sets that will surely fill you up nicely. There are several from which you could choose from, but if you just can’t be bothered to think too much in the morning, go for this Breakfast Complete set (Php380.00).

omelette nature

My brother ordered the Omelette Nature set (Php250.00), which is very similar to the Breakfast Complete, sans the bacon and with more eggs.

French Toast set

It was a battle between Eggs Benedict or French Toast for me that morning. After a much heated debate held inside my head, I decided to get the French Toast set (Php320.00). The highlight of this dish was strangely not the french toasts, but the bacon. It was perfectly crisp, salty and had the right amount of fat to meat ratio, I think it just became the example of the perfect bacon strip.

This was such a heavy platter that when lunch time rolled in, I was still too full to think about food. A rarity, in my case. :p

Cafe Moka
In case you don’t feel like eating much or you’re just not as into breakfasts as me, grab a cup of coffee to while the time away. I loved their Café Moka (Php195.00)!

Cafe Creme

How about coffee with a drop of milk in the form of the Grand Café Crème (Php135.00)?

decaf cappuccino

For those who aren’t allowed to ingest caffeine for whatever reasons, request for a decaffeinated version of their drinks, like this pretty cup of cappuccino.

Although I wouldn’t recommend having breakfast this way very often as it can put a big dent in your wallets, I have to admit that eating at Paul was a real treat. I enjoyed my time and I definitely wouldn’t mind bringing my parents there. If you find yourself at SM Aura and are looking for a way to spoil yourself, you may want to consider Paul Boulangerie as one of your stops. 🙂

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