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****This app has been discontinued as of Dec. 2015****

I’m going to take a breather from my food posts to tell you guys about a mobile phone app that could just change the way you view gaming. I’m sure a huge chunk of mobile phone users play games on their phones, so why not get the chance to win real prizes as you play?

Circo main page

Tech giant Samsung has launched Circo, a Samsung exclusive game-curation app which allows gamers to win all sorts of cool, physical prizes like cameras, LED TVs, Samsung Galaxy gears, etc. One great thing about Circo is that the prizes change every week, so you’re not stuck with just vying for the same thing over and over again.  I was really interested when they had a telescope and a PlayStation 4 up for grabs! By the way, Circo is only open to Philippine users for now. 😉

Circo prizes

Image above courtesy Samsung Circo’s webpage

You’re interested but don’t know where to start? It’s as simple as downloading the free app and then playing the partner games as you usually would. You automatically earn tickets as you play, which in turn lets you participate in the weekly tournament of your choice. You don’t even have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy the app!

winning tickets

spin the wheel

Samsung Circo games are free to play. I’ve listed some of the games they have available as of today, but I’ve heard that they’re continuously working with other groups in order to bring more games to Circo users:

  • Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Trials Frontier from Ubisoft’s RedLynx studio
  • Castle Clash (publisher:
  • Crazy Seconds (publisher: Indigo)
  • Critter Escape (publisher: Kiz Studio)
  • Jiggle Watts (publisher: Kiz Studio)
  • Ocean Run 3D (publisher: AMA)
  • Voodoo Casino (publisher: Indigo)
  • Flick Tennis from Rolocule Games

I’ve always enjoyed playing Fruit Ninja as a stress reliever, but my favorite game right now would be Jiggle Watts! Those weird looking, yet oddly cute jellies in a matching puzzle game can be quite addictive to play.

Another lovely thing about Samsung Circo is that it’s not just another app, it also serves as a community for Circo users to form and build relationships. Users who have any questions, suggestions or concerns get to speak with the people behind Circo. Some players help each other out as well. I’ve personally met some of the players who have been using Circo since its launch in March 2015 and I really liked the camaraderie among them, despite some of them battling over the same tournament prizes at a given time.

Circo is available for most Samsung devices such as the new A devices, GALAXY Note 4 4G+, GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ and GALAXY S5 4G+, and for Android OS 4.2 versions and above. I highly suggest trying it out so that you can get another rewarding experience with your Samsung devices. 🙂

*For more information, please visit Circo’s official website here or their Facebook page here

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  1. ive think i won a prize

    1. Hi Rogatian,

      This Samsung app has been retired last Dec. 2015. You might want to get in touch with their team if you won a prize recently. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


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