Sunshine Fruit Bar: Banawe, Q.C.

One of my newest favorite places along Banawe is Sunshine Fruit Bar. I’ve been itching to write an entry about it since I first stepped foot inside their store, but only had to chance to snap some photos when I dropped by today. Located right at the corner of Banawe and Sct. Alcaraz Streets, Sunshine Fruit Bar is surrounded by numerous restaurants and may be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.


This simple yet beautiful place is owned by Ms. Leslie Udquin, whom we had the pleasure of speaking with during our first visit there. She is sometimes joined by other members of her family, like her Mom, whom we’ve met on one occasion.

menu on the wall

Loved the menu area. Very Pinterest worthy! 🙂

counter area

The Sunshine Fruit Bar was originally supposed to be just a store for organic produce, but with the desire to maximize the space they already had, the owners decided to start offering other healthy edibles in store. We’ve tried several of their pastries and most of the things we had were highly appetizing.

dining area

The quaint store has a small area where customers can take a seat and enjoy their purchases. I always have my items to-go so I haven’t had the chance to spend some time here, but will definitely free up my schedule and do so!

drinks from Sunshine Fruit Bar

My parents and I absolutely enjoy their smoothies, which are made from real fruits. They use agave to sweeten their smoothies, but you can always request to have them omit the sweetener if it’s not your thing.

In the photo above are their Avocado and Mixed Berries smoothies. Both come at an introductory price of Php130.00 and can be customized a bit by mixing add-on’s like spirulina and chia seeds (Php30.00 for add-on’s). If you’re not into smoothies, they also offer cold-pressed juices.

chiller frilled with fruits and veg

I suggest checking out their chiller when you visit as it is well-stocked with different fruits and vegetables, some of which aren’t readily available elsewhere. We managed to purchase fresh cherries here, which Mom continuously needs for their anti-inflammatory properties.


Please don’t limit yourself to the chiller and the counter. Look around their store and you’ll find other organic produce like sweet potatoes, avocados, pomelo, pears, peaches, etc. They even sell plants in one corner of the place for those who would like to start or expand their own gardens!

cassava and sweet potato chips

Apart from the produce, you’ll also find other items like these cassava and sweet potato chips. I bought a jar of the latter one and am excited to try them out soon! I’ll probably write an entry about it here too. 🙂

bottled products on counter

Jams, granola, honey, coffee, chia seeds, salad vinaigrette… these are just a handful of the other things you can buy from this store. Looking for carabao’s or goat’s milk? Grab a bottle in one of their other fridges. They even have a small freezer filled with Picole Healthy Ice Pops, which are great to enjoy while faced with this type of blistering summer heat. 🙂

picole products

I rarely rave about places found along Banawe, but it’s what makes this place special. I love most of their products and have always appreciated how accommodating the owners were. I’m tempted to keep this place a secret, but really can’t wait to bring my friends over so that they can get their hands on good quality stuff. I’m so glad that a place like the Sunshine Fruit Bar is so close to home. 🙂

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  1. I’m always at Banawe so it’s a good thing you mentioned this place since I’m always looking for a place to chill there. I would love to try their avocado smoothie.

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