[Baguio] Good Taste: A First Impressions Review

Several months ago, I took part in a trip to Baguio and La Union with S’s colleagues. The idea was to travel to Baguio, spend several hours there, then hit the road and spend the night at La Union.

Baguio strawberry fields

We left Manila before midnight and arrived in Baguio at the wee hours of the morning. Just a few minutes before the sun has completely risen, we found ourselves in the famous strawberry farms. I know you can’t see the strawberries from the photo above, but they’re there. Not yet so big, but they’re there. :p

strawberry taho in Baguio

Of course we had to enjoy some strawberry taho while in Baguio. The warm silky tofu with tapioca pearls, sweet syrup and strawberry chunks was a nice way to re-energize my already tired self.

flowers in Baguio

Before we reached the strawberry fields where we could pick our own fruits, we passed by this area where beautiful flowers were growing. Baguio, being high atop mountains, had the ideal temperature for these flowers to grow. Lovely.

Good Taste logo outside their building

The boost given by the strawberry taho proved to be short lived as after spending an hour or so at the strawberry farm, I could already feel my energy draining away. Imagine my happiness when the group decided it was high time to grab brunch at the famous Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant.  

To be honest, I wasn’t even remotely familiar with the place until one of my Dad’s friends told me about it days before I left for Baguio. Regardless of the mediocre review I got beforehand, I was looking forward to eating there. I was already freaking hungry and exhausted, and just the thought of getting a proper meal inside my growling belly was irresistible.

hot chocolate

Wanting another thing that could warm the coldest depths of my soul, I went for a serving of hot chocolate with milk while we waited for the food to arrive. The others who ordered the same found the drink to be too strong and bitter. Several teaspoons of sugar did the trick, but I personally loved it without any additional sweeteners.

bird's nest soup

Maybe my companions felt they needed some warming up too, because they ordered Bird’s Nest Soup for everyone. I found this to be a tad too salty, but I wasn’t going to complain about it.

sweet and sour pork

The forever famous Sweet and Sour Pork took part in our brunch.


Chopsuey, or basically stir fried assorted vegetables with liver and/or pork, was the choice for us to get our fill of greens.

buttered chicken

This bright red dish was called the Buttered Chicken. I was expecting fried chicken swimming in butter, but was surprised when this dish came out. I thought it looked almost like the sweet and sour pork dish.  Thankfully, they weren’t the same taste-wise. This one was actually pretty good.

fried rice

There’s nothing like carbs to satisfy a group of young, sleepy, hungry individuals from Manila.  We ordered several servings of Good Taste’s Fried Rice. It went well with all the other items we ordered, although it’s a far cry from your standard Yang Chow Fried Rice.

I was already pretty full, but I still had the guts to buy two types of pastries on our way out of the restaurant. You know, in case S and I get hungry on our way to La Union. :p Both tasted ordinary, and quite frankly, were forgettable.

Overall, I do understand the appeal of Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. Their food is cheap, they’re open early, they have tons of seating space and service was faster than most restaurants.  However, I think this is the type of Chinese cooking that has been very well adapted for the Filipino palate. I’m not saying they don’t taste good, but if you’re used to the more complex Chinese cooking, then Good Taste may leave you a bit disheartened.

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  1. […] For the perfect way to end a heavy meal, I suggest ordering one of their Fruity Juicy Pops (Php75.00). There are several flavors to choose from, but Dems and I chose the strawberry and coconut lychee ones, respectively. I liked the tiny bits of coconut in mine, while Dems loved the strawberry flavor in hers. She said it reminded her of her recent visit to Baguio City, the place famous for their strawberry farms. […]

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