Nature Earth’s Gourmet Mixed Camote Chips

Remember I mentioned buying a can of mixed camote (sweet potato) chips from Sunshine Fruit Bar a while back? I’ve opened it and managed to eat everything in one go. Yes. Each and every piece in a matter of minutes.

Don’t worry; a can contained just 100 grams of chips. :p

camote chips container

Remove the lid and you’ll find a layer of foil on top, similar to the ones you find in a Pringles can. It ensures that the chips stay crisp while they’re on the shelf, waiting to be consumed. Peel the foil away and hear that satisfying pop, very much like a gunshot signaling the start of a (munching) race.

camote chips

I’ve always had a soft spot for crispy snacks and have had unhealthy relationships with all sorts of edibles sold in the market. Eating the mixed cassava and camote chips from Nature Earth allowed me to indulge without hating myself afterwards.

The chips themselves were already mildly sweet on their own, so the addition of just a bit of sour cream elevated them to something even more palatable. They’re also not as greasy as their potato counterparts.

I’m sure not everyone would find snacking on camote and cassava chips to be as fun as eating potato chips. Potato chips do have their own charm after all. For now, though, I’m sticking to these alternatives to satisfy my snacking urges. I suggest you try these ones from Nature Earth too. 🙂

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