Are you mad for Mad Mark’s Glorietta 5?

I’m currently on a search for a decent evening gown which I will be needing by mid-September, thus lately, I’ve spent hours in different boutiques and department stores. Shopping for clothing isn’t exactly my favorite hobby (surprise, surprise!) so all that walking and scouring through racks do take its toll on me. During one of those days, S suggested we recharge our batteries with a meal at Mad Mark’s in Glorietta 5.

He has eaten at Mad Mark’s BGC branch several times and was excited to let me try some of his favorite dishes, like the salmon ceviche. Imagine his disappointment when we were handed the menu at Glorietta 5 and saw no ceviche on the list! Apparently, the menu at Glorietta branch is the trimmed-down version of the one in BGC so we were stuck with choosing only from a  few items.

patatas bravas

Rather than be disappointed for the rest of the evening, we decided to start with a fool-proof appetizer. I love fries. I know they’re not exactly healthy, but I love them all the same. The Patatas Bravas from Mad Mark’s wasn’t an exception. I loved how the curly fries were lightly dusted with smoky barbecue powder, making each so mouthwatering. I prefer eating them as they are, but S likes them better with some ketchup.

Mad Mark's steak

S chose to have his Signature Steak medium rare, with a side of mashed potatoes in creamy mushroom sauce. His steak came out perfectly cooked: a nice pinkish center with still a bit of that pinkish juice flowing out. Kudos to whoever cooked that piece of meat since a lot of places just can’t seem to get medium rare right. Some people might recoil at the sight, but S and I were both happy. I personally used to enjoy my steaks medium rare when I still allowed to eat beef.

fried chicken

Since the menu in this branch was limited, I ended up ordering the only other item which sounded as yummy as steak: Fried Yard Bird. I was expecting at least a quarter of a chicken to arrive, but was surprised when I was presented with five small chunks of chicken fillet. Good thing I was trying to control my food portions, or I would’ve seriously thrown a fit! :p

The garden grains, which I chose to be my side dish, was a delicious buttery cup of rice with some vegetables mixed in. I didn’t understand the rationale behind the kimchi and what tasted like a diluted version of gochujang served alongside the chicken, but I didn’t complain. I like my dishes spicy anyway!

scoop of Mad Mark's ice cream in a cup

S also insisted we get a scoop of Mad Mark’s honest ice cream, called the Half-Baked Madagascar (Php90 for a single scoop). This half-baked cookie dough and vanilla ice cream is considered THE bestseller from Mad Mark’s. It was delicious, but I didn’t find it addictive. S seemed to like it way better than I did. Me? I’d rather stick to the Dark Chocolate flavored ice cream.

For a first-timer, I thought the food we ate at Mad Mark’s were respectable. I was disappointed with the few selections available, but it did make me curious to visit their other branches to see if there is anything else that would be appealing enough.

Service at this branch, though, has some gray areas which should be dealt with by their management. Service was admittedly terribly slow during our visit, possibly since they seemed to be understaffed. With a dining area filled with hungry customers, it was a painful thing to watch as the servers hurriedly hopped from one table to the next, rushing to complete orders without getting their asses kicked. I suggest not visiting the branch on a very empty stomach as you may turn hangry quick, if things continue the way they were when we were there.

*Mad Mark’s is located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 5 in Makati City. They also have branches at the following locations: U.P Town Center, Kapitolyo, and Bonifacio Central Square.

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  1. A foodie blog! The moment I opened your website I saw the Patatas Bravas *drooling*

    It was the first time I heard about Mad Marks. I hope we can visit them soon or their other branches. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Glenda! I hope you get to enjoy your visit to Mad Mark’s once you get the chance.

      Thank you for dropping by. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the info, I was about to try that restaurant in Glorietta, good thing I read your post first. Since you posted this a couple of moths ago, I hope their service is now better than before. 🙂

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