Making Tuyo Super with Super Tuyo

Tuyo or salted dried herring is a type of preserved fish which is a favorite among many Filipinos. Unfortunately cooking tuyo often meant filling the air with a strong, pungent smell, so chef Mr.  Gilberto Tongo decided to put these in ready-to-eat containers for his relatives to bring with them when they go abroad. Mixed in with Mr. Tongo’s special sauces, the bottled boneless tuyo became a hit! With that, the rest was history.

Super Tuyo bottles versions

The Super Tuyo business was later handed down to his son, who decided to join several bazaars where they became popular. With the right exposure and a quality product in their hands, Super Tuyo had made its way to becoming a well-loved product, even among local celebrities!

From their early introduction in microwaveable containers, these dried herrings were eventually upgraded to being contained in glass bottles. A move which, I think, made the items look more professional. If you’re planning to try these proudly Filipino made products, you get to choose from three variants: Original, Sweet and Spicy and Famous Spicy. To create more variety, you also get to choose if you want enjoy your tuyo whole or in flakes version!

Super Tuyo packets

Super Tuyo also comes in these handy packs that make transportation a lot easier. Perfect for when you want to bring your own baon to the office, or when you want to make these as your pasalubong to friends and family abroad.

Super Tuyo with rice

I opened several bottles of Super Tuyo and had them for lunch with my family the other day. Most of them loved pairing the dried fish with rice and even said that it goes best with fresh tomatoes. We all loved the fact that Super Tuyo had a more balanced flavor compared to other tuyo brands we have tried before.

Super Tuyo in pandesal

I personally preferred having Super Tuyo flakes with pandesal since the sweet bread was the perfect contrast to saltiness of the dried herring. If you’re feeling a bit more creative, go and prepare them with noodles for a winning pasta dish! Don’t just stop there though; the people behind this brand are generous enough to share several recipes you may cook using their products. Check them out by clicking here.

For just Php85 each for the packs and Php150 each for the bottled versions, it’s no longer that difficult to look for a great ready-to-eat tuyo for you to enjoy. I suggest you place your orders soon so that you can share them with your loved ones as well. 🙂

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