PB Co. Estancia Mall: A First Impressions Review

After visiting a good friend at the hospital to meet her newborn baby girl, some of my high school friends and I decided to go somewhere new to have dinner. Capital Commons was just a few minutes away from where we were, so Estancia Mall became our destination of choice.

PB and Co storefront

We spent some time checking the place out then decided we better grab something to eat. Located at the basement level of the posh Estancia Mall is PB Co, which piqued our interest with their mouthwatering photos of fried chicken and waffles.

PB and Co counter

Place your orders and make your payments at the counter before grabbing a seat inside the restaurant.

cream cheese chowder in a bread bowl

We split this bread bowl of Cream Cheese Chowder among ourselves. We all loved it but wished there was more soup inside. I personally loved the chewy bread itself!

country chicken steak with mashed potatoes

Their Country Chicken Steak was a piece of chicken breast, breaded with their own seasonings and some peanut butter. One order would probably be good for you and your date, but only if you’re not ravenous. We thought the chicken was good, but the mashed potatoes were dry and crumbly.

cajun fish fillet

If you don’t feel like eating fried chicken, you could always go for the Cajun Fish Fillet and its mango-tomato salsa.

diablo fish pasta

Better yet, go for their Diablo Fish Pasta. There was just enough heat to linger long enough in your mouth, but nothing too overwhelming that’ll reduce you to a crying baby. I suggest eating this quickly as it  gets sticky once cold, with the taste of peanut butter becoming more prominent.

pb and co milkshake

With all the peanut butter flavors in the dishes, I couldn’t see myself drinking sugary drinks along with them. If you’re not bothered by it in the same way that I am, you may want to try PB Co’s line of milk shakes.

basil lemonade

Their Basil Lemonade is truly something different from your standard lemonade. The basil lends some serious “herby” flavor to this drink, so not everyone may take a liking to it. Guess who enjoyed this drink the most, even at the risk of being tagged a weirdo? Me. ^_^

pb cheesecake

We couldn’t pass the chance to have some dessert at the end of the meal, so we chose two types because that’s how we roll. Their Peanut Butter Cheesecake wasn’t as exciting as its name suggested. It’s a simple cheesecake with just a hint of peanut butter. Nothing earth-shattering here.

slice of PB Tower cake

The Peanut Butter Tower, on the other hand, was more of our thing. It’s very similar to the experience of eating Chocnut, but in cake version! How awesome is that? If only the cake was a little more moist, this would’ve been perfect.

pb display

In case your peanut butter craving hasn’t been satisfied with all those PB-based dishes, you may buy PB Co’s very own line of peanut butter products right then and there. They even offer a Creamy Marshmallow spread!

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