A Look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

After several months of thinking about it, S finally decided it’s high time he got his hands on his own tablet. His research ended up having him purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 just a few days after it was launched here in Manila.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 8

Each Tab S2 has 3GB RAM plus 32GB or 64GB memory. Take it up a notch with the MicroSD slot, adding up to 128GB extra memory onto your device, if you’re hardcore that way. I find that just too much than necessary, but I know a lot of people who manage to fill their device’s memory with so much stuff, it’s scary.

Samsung Galaxy Tab beside Google Nexus 7

For comparison, here’s a shot of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 standing side by side with my Google Nexus 7. I personally still prefer the smaller, more badass look and feel of my Nexus 7, but the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is definitely a beauty on its own.

Boasting of the exclusive Super Amoled technology with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, I have to admit that the device really gives beautiful, crisp images that seem to pop out of the screen. I’ve played several games and watched some videos on this device, and I was impressed. My photo above really didn’t do the device justice. The newer Samsung tablet also features a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Fingerprint Lock

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 also comes with the fingerprint lock, with the hardware button serving as the scanner. If you don’t like the device storing your fingerprint, you can always opt for the usual passwords or patterns.

MS Office

Another feature, which I personally found to be very useful, was the addition of MS Office. I no longer make PowerPoint presentations at this point in my life, but the Excel and Word would be handy for most of my other tasks.

For those who are concerned with the camera features of their gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s rear camera is an 8.0 megapixel, F1.9 one with no LED flash, but HD video recording is possible.The 2.1 MP front-facing camera isn’t a disappointment, although this is coming from somebody who rarely takes any selfies. For those who are obsessed with taking photos of themselves, you might feel underwhelmed especially if you’re already into the 13mp front facing cameras available in some of the newer smartphones.

photo using rear camera

Photo taken using Tab S2’s rear camera

photo taken using front camera

Photo taken using the Tab S2’s front camera

S2 from the side to show how thin it is

The other big wow factor for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is its super thin frame, at only 5.6mm. It’s said to be a lot thinner than Apple’s iPad Air.

One major complaint from S, though, was the super short battery life. The battery will last the entire day with minimal use, but just a couple of hours when playing games or videos. One reason may be because of the number of bloatware installed in the device. It may also be affected by the thinness of the Tab S2, since such a small space could not fit a bigger battery. I don’t mind a bit of extra bulk if it means I get a longer running gadget. Having to charge the device so often becomes such a chore.

Tab s2 bottom part

Speakers, a 3.5mm audio/headset jack and a USB 2.0 port is found at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

tablet cover

S2 with cover

When S bought his Tab S2, it came with a free book cover. This one was tagged as “gold”, but the case really looks more silvery than anything to us. I really liked the soft, leathery feel of it though.

snaps at the back of the cover

The case snaps comfortably onto the Tab S2 with two buttons found at the back.

tablet cover converted into a stand

Like most cases, the front cover on this one conveniently folds and converts into a stand. On their website, Samsung says that they have an updated Book Cover Keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. I find that really useful as I find it really easier to type stuff rather than slowly and painstakingly answering emails using the touchscreen “keyboard”. I wish I could find something similar for my Nexus 7 somewhere here in Manila.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a sleek and beautiful device although there doesn’t seem to be much difference from the first Galaxy Tab, with the exception of the phenomenal screen. Go for it if you know for a fact that you’ll be using the tablet mostly at home.  On the other hand, if you need a tablet to last the whole day out of the house and don’t mind not having the incredible screen, then I think you might be interested in something else.

Disclaimer: This was not meant to be a full-blown technical review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 as I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject. The things written here were based on our observations on the purchased device. You may look for other in-depth reviews from other tech enthusiasts found in the internet. 

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