Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula Manila

I enjoy the simple things in life the most, but I look forward to adding a bit of flair and glamour to my day now and then.  An afternoon spent at the Peninsula Manila’s beautiful Lobby for tea proved to be just the right thing to shake things up in a good way.

The Lobby dining area

The Lobby is not unfamiliar territory to me, although it’s been years since I last set foot in the place.

The Lobby table placement

Beautiful table set-up with dainty cups and plates made everything more appealing. I’d love to get my hands on some of these for my own home.

The Lobby's savory table

We were lucky to arrive early, thus the entire buffet spread was still intact. I took my sweet time going through the items and formulating the best strategy to attack.

The Lobby's mussels and salmon lasagna

Baked mussels and Salmon Lasagna were just some of the savory items available during that afternoon.

The Lobby's chicken satay and veg samosa

At the other end of the first table, I spotted chicken satay and tiny vegetable samosas.

The Lobby's cheese platter

Of course, I won’t skip taking a look at the cheese platter available. I had my eye on the soft brie and creamy goat cheese the entire time. Dried apricots were a much-appreciated bonus!

The Lobby's sweets table

What’s a buffet without the desserts table right? The Lobby was gracious to offer a generous selection of pastries for those with a sweet tooth.

The Lobby's fondue

The chocolate fondue fountain definitely caught my eye! My seat was conveniently located just a few steps away from the buffet tables, so I got to watch kids (and those who still felt like they were kids) being drawn to the thing like a moth to a flame.

The Lobby's chocolates and cookies

An assortment of Peninsula Manila’s cookies, chocolate truffles and pralines were also available. I made sure to give them all a try!

The Lobby's scones

Scones came in plain and raisin versions. It’s up to you if you wanted to enjoy them with some strawberry jam or clotted cream.

The Lobby's toffee pudding

The one I was most excited to try was the Sticky Toffee Date Pudding which smelled absolutely fragrant. That scent of sweetness hits you once you open the chafing dish’s cover. I never thought that something so sweet and rich could win me over since I’m not normally a fan of that sort of stuff.

Eternal Summer tea

My sister-in-law and nephew were the ones who accompanied me that afternoon. Her choice of drink was the Caramel Tea, a caffeine-free tea which wasn’t on the menu.

Weekend in St. Tropez

I’m always on the lookout for berry-flavored tea blends, so the pot of Weekend in St. Tropez Tea was the perfect match for me.

The Lobby_first plate

My first trip to the savory buffet spread resulted to some salmon lasagna, tuna salad sandwich, crackers, cheeses and a dried apricot. I was still feeling a little conscious and didn’t how to start.

The Lobby_second plate

My next plate was a little more adventurous with a piece of baked mussel, vegetable samosa, egg salad sandwich, more dried apricots, and a salmon bagel with dill sauce. That last one was a winner.

The Lobby_third plate

I took breaks from the savory items with batches of these chocolates truffles and biscuits. I’m tempted to say good things about the scone as they looked delicious on display, but they’re unfortunately not up to par. The biscotti with nuts, on the other hand, was worthy of attention.

The Lobby_fourth plate

While the toffee pudding made me curious the most, it was the passionfruit roulade which completely won my heart. The pillowy chiffon wasn’t too sweet and there were some crunchy bits inside as well. Beautiful texture combination, in my opinion. If only my stomach wasn’t sending SOS signals for being too filled with food, I would’ve seriously considered getting another slice…or two.

In case you get the chance to see it during your own visit to The Lobby, please do yourself a favor and EAT this.

The Lobby_fifth plate

A plate of fresh seasonal fruits helped nullify the effects of that sweet toffee pudding on my taste buds. My favorite dried apricots make their appearance yet again.

The Lobby_sixth plate

Fast-forward to almost two and half hours later, I ended my afternoon tea escapade with extra helpings of biscotti, salmon bagel and goat’s cheese. It served like a last hurrah before I gleefully drank the remaining drops of my tea. I still can’t believe I managed to drink the entire pot of tea in one sitting; no wonder my stomach was on the verge of exploding.

If there’s one thing I regret about the entire experience, it’s the fact that I ate lunch before deciding to go through the Afternoon Tea. It was a light lunch, but it hampered by ability to enjoy more of the treats. :p Oh well, there’s always a next time!

*The Afternoon Tea Buffet costs Php1,350/adult or Php2,130 if you wish to enjoy a glass of champagne. Kids aged 8 to 12 years old cost Php800/head. In case you don’t want to partake in the buffet and just wanted the Traditional Peninsula Afternoon Tea Set, it’ll be Php995/head or Php1,680, if with a glass of champagne.


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