Book & Borders Cafe: A First Impressions Review

My good friend, Dems, and I met up one afternoon to check out one of the places creating a buzz in the online community. Book & Borders Cafe opened to become the place to hang out for people who enjoy the cafe setting while reading several books. It’s like a library and cafe rolled into one. They also seem to serve as a venue for several gigs involving several local celebrities.

Books and Borders Cafe storefront

Book & Borders Cafe is located in the corner of Scout Castor Street and Tomas Morato itself. It’s quite easy to miss, so you better look out for the 7-11 right beside it. Another thing to remember would be it’s just a few meters away from UCC Tomas Morato. Finding an empty parking slot in this busy area is a challenge, especially since a lot of cars also use the smaller side streets as parking area.

shelves inside Books and Borders Cafe

I found the interiors to be quirky, with colorful chairs and a scattering of books and other knick knacks along the walls. The place was not as big as I expected it to be, but still good enough to seat more than 30 people. Most of the tables are spaced near each other though, so if you dislike hearing other people talk to each other while you’re reading, then you might have a problem on your hands.

book borrowing rules

The procedure for borrowing books can be found on each of the tables.

iced latte

Their Iced Latte was served with a huge chunk of milk-infused ice floating in it. At first, we thought it was ice cream but it didn’t taste sweet when we tried it out.  I thought it was a great idea to use milk-infused ice so that the coffee wouldn’t taste watery once the ice melts, unlike when you use regular ice cubes.

cup of salted hot chocolate

The Salted Hot Chocolate was intense and delicious. It’s the one thing I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you’re a big chocolate fan like me. Each small cup comes bubbling hot though, so take note not to burn your tongue! It’ll be tempting to go for it immediately as it smells delicious too.

blueberry doughnut

Dems tried one of the flavored doughnuts found in their refrigerated display counter. The blueberry cheesecake doughnut was just so-so, in my opinion. I’ve had this at other places, where the doughnuts looked and tasted much better.

chicken penne pesto

We also shared a serving of their Chicken Penne Pesto. Serving size was huge and definitely good for 1 to 2 persons. There were also big chunks of chicken scattered throughout the dish and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Honestly, I was looking for a stronger basil flavor, but other than that, it was a pretty decent dish that I wouldn’t mind ordering again.

books and borders cafe logo

Overall, I think Book & Borders Cafe has great potential to be something bigger. We visited the place when it was open for just a couple of days, so I guess I could still forgive the blunders during service where the wait staff served us a pasta dish we didn’t order and then came back with the correct dish, but saying the wrong name. I’m looking forward to seeing if they have improved when I drop by again in the future.

I’m also a huge bibliophile and found their selection of books to be too limited. I hope more books from different genres will be added to their displays so that there will be more stuff to choose from. I guess it would also be okay to bring your own books to the cafe, if that’s your thing.

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