A Little Slice of Heaven in Plana’s Pantry

Growing up, my family would often drop by Hi-top Supermarket along Quezon Avenue to buy our groceries. I knew each nook and cranny of the place, even the little stalls outside. It hardly changed throughout the years, so when Dems informed me that a new restaurant has opened there recently, I knew it was something I had to see. Fast forward to a Friday night a few weeks after that conversation, Dems and I met up with new and old friends at Plana’s Pantry Quezon City. Located at the exact spot where Henny Penny used to be, Plana’s Pantry’s second branch looked like a haven in this very busy intersection in Quezon City.

Plana's Pantry QC storefront

Plana's Pantry QC interiors

Their interiors are too pretty for words that I have to agree when people comment that it looks like its straight out of Pinterest. From the colorful chairs to the dainty tables and messages hanging on the walls, the restaurant is filled with pieces carefully chosen by the owners. Some pieces are even especially made for their restaurant!

calamansi malunggay juice

Once you’ve settled in and soaked up all those good vibes that place had to offer, I suggest you go through Plana’s Pantry’s menu and select a drink from their list. They do have soda and some alcoholic beverages, but I suggest you try their other items like the Calamansi with Malunggay.


If you’re feeling particularly parched, you may want to go for their Supersized Lemonade which comes in this huge mug, guaranteed to make anyone feel satisfied. When this drink arrived at our table, everyone had a laugh at how big one drink could get! Other supersized drinks you may want to try include their Iced Tea and Iced Brewed Coffee.

shrimp linguine

Plana’s Pantry serves a mix of Filipino and Western food, but really focusing on the ones which the owners enjoy preparing at home for their own families. They serve all-day brunch, pasta and rice dishes too. We got to try their Tomato, Basil and Shrimp Pasta, which I found to be enjoyable.


Go for their Carbonara if you feel like eating something comfortably familiar. Most of their pasta dishes come with a piece of garlic and cheese bread. I liked that it was something a little different from your usual plain bread stick, which usually gets abandoned halfway through the meal.

Sisig with Laing and rice

Had a sudden craving for Filipino food? Try the Sisig with Laing so that you could enjoy two of the most-loved Pinoy dishes in one go.


For those hankering for beef, you can order their plate of Beef Salpicao with all its garlicky goodness. It was another one of those times when I felt bad I wasn’t allowed to eat beef; everyone else in our table thought this dish was really good.


Maybe you’re looking for really tender Lengua swimming in creamy mushroom sauce? Plana’s Pantry has that on the menu too.

hickory spareribs

Rib lovers rejoice! Plana’s Pantry serves up this gorgeous rack of Hickory BBQ Ribs that’s moist and fall-off-the-bone tender. It’s smothered with bbq sauce which I found to have just the right hint of sweetness and tanginess. I’m sure people who get to try it will fall in love with it immensely!

lamb masala

My favorite for the night, though, was this plate of Lamb Masala. This gorgeous, tender meat was cooked with fragrant Indian spices, thus successfully making its way to the hearts of our group. Some people may find it a tad salty, so it’s really smart to eat it along with some rice.

homemade ice cream

Take note, guys: Ordering their homemade ice cream is a MUST when you dine at Plana’s Pantry because they make really mean scoops of ice cream. For just Php65.00 per scoop, you can kick back and enjoy these addictive treats. I highly suggest the Chocolate Rumble for a darker, brownie-like dessert and Mocha Chips for those who like their desserts with a hint of coffee. Not getting to try that Beef Salpicao but getting to devour chocolate ice cream was worth it, in my opinion. ♥

frames on walls

Apart from the ambiance, another thing I loved about Plana’s Pantry was that they served great-tasting meals which were truly filling. Unlike other places I’ve visited where the serving sizes feel like kid’s portions, Plana’s Pantry is more than generous with their dishes. Perfect for those who are really hungry or those who just have big appetites. And the kicker? Their prices aren’t even that high! I seriously encourage you to visit Plana’s Pantry when you’re somewhere in the vicinity. Whether you’re with your friends or your family, you’re surely bound to have a lovely time. Take a selfie or two while you’re there, the place will lend a nice touch to your Instagram feed. 😉

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    1. It’s always a good time hanging out with you, Dems! Thanks for the invite. 🙂

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