The Grass is Greener at Green Pastures

I can’t believe it’s already October! It means that this post about Green Pastures is way too late as we celebrated my brother’s birthday here back in August. :p

Green Pastures store front

Located at the 4th floor of Shangri La Plaza Mall’s luxurious East Wing, Green Pastures is another brainchild of the Chef Robby Goco of Cyma fame. This one focuses more on serving organic food, getting on-board the recently famous farm-to-table concept.

Now if you aren’t familiar with it yet, my family are huge fans of Cyma. So much so that there were times when we ate there every week for several months, ordering the same dishes over and over again and not getting tired of it. When we learned that Green Pastures opened, we were excited to give their dishes a shot. It took us a while, but we finally had the chance to drop by Shang. Take a look at the stuff we ordered as part of a celebratory meal:

a mason jar filled with ginger lemongrass tea

My Mom tried their Moringa Ginger Lemongrass Tea (Php120.00/glass; Php205.00 for refillable), since sodas aren’t served at Green Pastures. She enjoyed it, although mentioned that the sweetness could have been toned down just by a bit so that the ginger and lemongrass flavors were more pronounced.

Farmhouse Salad

The meal called for a big bowl of salad for starters. We chose the Farmhouse Salad, which came with all sorts of items which we all enjoyed eating. The server who assisted us was nice enough to provide my Dad’s favorite Caesar salad dressing on the side free of charge, when he learned that Dad wasn’t allowed to consume the honey mustard dill vinaigrette which came with our order.

homemade cheeses

I love my cheeses so it was a no-brainer for us to order a combination of two cheeses on the menu: the Ricotta (right), served with onion jam and roasted garlic, and the Stracciatella (left), made with delicious buffalo’s milk topped with crisp arugula and extra virgin olive oil. I personally enjoyed the stringy Stracciatella better, especially once both cheese and toast were sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. Yum!

crabmeat and sea urchin pasta

The Crab meat and Sea Urchin pasta was a crowd favorite during our dinner. You’d have to eat it quickly though, since the flavors just don’t seem to have the same impact once cold. If you’re into good umami, briny flavors, then this is your best bet.

Scampi chorizo pasta

My personal favorite among all pasta dishes was the Scampi-Chorizo pasta. Each strand of linguine was coated nicely with the oil, lending a mild heat to each bite. The shrimps were plump and nicely cooked too.

carbonara with eggs on top

Green Pasture’s Carbonara was the one which got the lowest marks in our books as it tasted ordinary, despite the addition of two farm eggs which you get to break and mix with the noodles yourself.

organic roast chicken

Another dish we would consider skipping would be the Roast Organic Chicken. Each serving consisted of just half a chicken and we couldn’t find anything to write home about with it. I  also thought it’s overpriced at Php650.00 per serving.

GP porkchop served with fries

Their GP Porkchop, on the other hand, was delicious!  The thick slab of meat was nice and juicy. It was also complemented well by the cinnamon butter sitting on top. The guava jam served on the side appealed to only a few, but I happened to find it satisfactory. I won’t forget to mention the divine fries served alongside the porkchop! Cyma prepares one of my favorite versions of crispy fries, and I’m so happy Green Pastures isn’t serving a version that’s too far off!

On the whole, we enjoyed our dinner at Green Pastures. Not all dishes became favorites, but most of them had successfully claimed a spot in our hearts. Unfortunately, their dishes are quite expensive and definitely not for everyday dining. I wouldn’t hesitate booking a reservation here when celebrating a special moment though, as both  their level of service and food are excellent, for the most part. I can’t wait to go back so that I could try their other offerings…and I can’t wait to see what their upcoming branch at the Fort will look like. ♥

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