[Japan] Where to Stay: Village Kyoto

Kyoto (京都市) used to be the capital of Japan and is the place where a huge number of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are located. While we were researching for our trip, Kyoto was one of the more picturesque destinations so we knew it was definitely a city worth visiting.

Village Kyoto logo

We made sure we could visit as many temples we could realistically squeeze into our schedule. We spent 3 days going around, ending the days with tired legs and feet. It was a great thing that we had the chance to stay at Village Kyoto, a place which was possibly a highlight on its own.

Village Kyoto lobby

A spacious lobby will greet you once you step inside the hotel.

Village Kyoto lobby filled with guest luggage

Look at all these pieces of luggage from other guests! Village Kyoto is located nicely within the city, with bus stations and a train station within walking distance, so it’s a no-brainer that a lot of travelers choose this place. Convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants are also found within several minutes away.

One section of the lobby (right side of the photo above) is occupied by a souvenir display, letting you scan the things they have for sale. If you’re in town only for a quick visit and don’t have time to shop elsewhere, buying from Village Kyoto seem to be a good idea.

Village Kyoto lobby sofa

Check-in procedures were quick, so we were out the door within minutes of checking in. When we came back from our wandering around that same night, all of our stuff were already brought to our room on the 9th floor. Our room was spacious enough for 5 adults. I loved that the place was able to beautifully merge a traditional ryokan feel with a modern hotel set-up!

We arrived with the room arranged in the manner shown in the photo above. They have convertible sofa sets and instructions were provided in case guests have trouble figuring them out on their own.

inside room

Our room had free WiFi, air conditioning, an LED TV, an electric pot, drinking glasses and a mini refrigerator hidden within the cabinets.


Here’s what our place looked like once we’ve arranged everything for sleeping. The padded mattresses, comforters and pillows were all stashed inside a big cabinet near the entrance; all we had to do was arrange them properly.

I didn’t mind sleeping on the floor as they had beautiful tatami flooring in the room. I found it to be firm but with a bit of springiness to it, making both sitting and sleeping on the floor a lot more comfortable than I expected.

Village Kyoto bathroom

Our room had one bathroom which was also spacious and well-lit. I was ecstatic to see that there was a good partition between the bath and toilet as I absolutely have a strong dislike for wet bathroom flooring. Communal baths, by the way, are located at the ground floor if you want to try the onsen experience.

Village Kyoto toiletries

If you’re staying at Village Kyoto, you don’t really need to lug a lot of stuff with you as they’re equipped with all of the essentials. Shampoo, hair conditioner and body wash/soap comes with the room. Multiple clean bath and face towels were also provided. You may also choose to try on the samue, which is a type of clothing originally used by monks, as they are available for you to use as well.

toiletries 2

Hair dryers are a must for some people when they travel and at Village Kyoto, they have one ready for you. Disposable toothbrushes, razors/shavers, cotton buds and plastic hair brushes are also provided. Another thing I highly appreciated was the green tea scented laundry refresher spray hanging inside the clothes cabinet. It was VERY useful for people on long trips like ours.

Village Kyoto Japanese bfast

After a good night’s sleep, it’s always a nice thing to wake up to yummy breakfasts and Village Kyoto’s breakfasts did not disappoint. We had to select our breakfast item the night before and give the hotel the time when we want these to be brought to our room. They had three types available and luckily, we got to try all three.

The photo above shows the Japanese-style meal, which consisted mostly of rice, pickled vegetables, fish and tofu. I had this for my first breakfast in Kyoto and, apart for one item, enjoyed it immensely. I even sent photos of the dish to my brothers via social media because I just couldn’t wait to share the photos with them! :p

Village Kyoto sushi bfast

Another type of breakfast was their sushi meal, which consisted of pocket- and roll-style sushi. I really, really loved the inari sushi! ♥

Kyoto Village Western Bfast

If you’re tired of eating Japanese stuff (why that would ever happen, I can never understand), you can choose to go with the Western-style meal. This set comes with some 2 pieces of pillowy bread and butter, a slice of ham, croquettes and salad.

Kyoto one day pass for buses

After a satisfying breakfast, it’s impossible for you to not be ready for a day of going around Kyoto. I highly suggest getting the Kyoto City Bus &  Kyoto Bus One Day Pass before heading out. Each pass costs only 500 yen and is available at several places, including Village Kyoto’s lobby; just inform the receptionist on-duty that you’d like to get one. The pass is a lifesaver and makes hopping on and off local buses a breeze. The bus route covered by the pass takes you to most of the places you would most likely visit, so it’ll save you tons of cash as each individual ride without the pass costs 230 yen per adult.

We took advantage of the Kyoto Bus One Day Pass during our own travel and our first stop was Nijo Castle, a place only several minutes away from the hotel. Watch out for the next post of this series where I take you around that place! 🙂

*Village Kyoto is located at 5 Mibu-Bojo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8804. Check-in time is at 3p.m., while check-out is at 11a.m. Their front desk team can converse in English, but did have trouble relaying directions in that language.

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