[Japan] Kyoto Eats: Menya Shichifukujin

Just a few meters away from Village Kyoto stands an unassuming restaurant which served one of my favorite bowls of ramen during our visit to Japan. We were unsure about the place at first, but looking through the menu displayed outside helped us decide and try what they had to offer.

Menya Shichifukujin storefront

Menya Shichifukujin was empty when we walked in, but the friendly servers greeted us warmly and promptly provided us with an English menu when they noticed that we barely understood Japanese. I thought we were lucky, because in just a matter of minutes, the small restaurant was filled with locals and foreigners alike.


We made sure not to pass on the opportunity to try their pan-fried gyoza, which was served piping hot and absolutely delicious!

chicken broth ramen

We didn’t dare enter a ramen place and not order their bowls of noodles. All five of us took our going through the menu and ended up selecting several different ones.

chicken broth ramen noodles

I ordered a chicken broth based ramen which came with the really nice and firm noodles which I found to be fantastic! They’re a far cry from the ones most ramen places here in Manila serve to their customers. I enjoyed this one so much, I finished everything including all that ridiculously delicious soup- something I don’t normally end up doing.

Shichifukujin chasiu shoyu based ramen

S had the standard chasiu shoyu-based ramen with the signature ajitsuke tamago and slices of bamboo shoots. He enjoyed this one immensely too and didn’t want to share with the rest of us.

special black ramen

S’s sisters went with one of the restaurant’s specials which had a “black” soup base. The menu clearly stated that they serve only a limited number of bowls per day, making it more enticing than it initially was. I personally don’t quite remember the taste when I sampled the broth, however I do recall that his sisters weren’t completely blown away by their meal.

ramen with clams

S’s mom ordered the ramen with clams. There was a generous serving of fresh clams on top of the noodles, which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

ajitsuke tamago

Her ramen did not come with an ajitsuke tamago, so we ordered an extra serving of it for her. She only ate half and S was more than happy to devour the other half. I must say that each of the eggs served were perfectly soft-boiled with just a hint of sweetness and saltiness to it. This alone was, in my opinion, already worth the visit.

Menya Shichifukujin served me my first bowl of ramen in Japan and it certainly did not disappoint. This restaurant, which I later found out was just one of the many found all over the place, is one establishment I wouldn’t mind returning to. The service was quick and efficient (like most of the things in Japan), and the food was tasty, filling and did not leave much of a dent in our pockets. I know for a fact that I left the place extremely satisfied and ready to conquer the rest of Kyoto. 🙂

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