Le Petit Soufflé: A First Impressions Review

Have you guys heard of Le Petit Soufflé? It’s a café focused on serving French Japanese items, not yet something you see everyday here in Manila. It’s said to be the brainchild of the same person behind Scout’s Honor, a cookie place located at the high-end “food court” of the same mall called Hole in the Wall.

Le Petite Souffle store front

isn’t very big, so you won’t have a hard time spotting Le Petit Soufflé on the 3rd floor.  It’s also conveniently located just a few steps away from one of the mall’s escalators.

Le Petit Souffle interiors

Even from the outside looking in, I already loved the place’s interiors. I loved the whimsical, garden feel and how those rolling pins hanging from the ceiling gave the place something unexpected. I just hope none of them fell while customers were seated under them! :p S and I visited this place several months back, and I admittedly haven’t dropped by Century City Mall for quite some time. I heard that Le Petit Soufflé is now decorated for Christmas so the interiors may not look the same as in the photo I took above.

After ordering our food, we noticed that the dining utensils which were already arranged on our table still had food stuck between the prongs. We had to call the attention of some of the wait staff to have them all changed. 🙁 We also overheard the guests who were seated next to us request the same thing when they arrived a few minutes after we ordered.  I want to believe that we just happened to be the unlucky ones to experience that and hope that the management will take better steps in ensuring the cleanliness of their restaurant. It IS a restaurant and maintaining pristine surroundings is just one of the many requirements.

Japanese curry squash soup

Shrugging what happened aside as I really didn’t want to ruin an already great date night, we decided to just carefully inspect every nook and cranny then wipe down all the new utensils brought to us by a flustered server and wait for our orders to arrive.

S wanted to start with a bowl of soup and was curious to see what the Japanese Curry Squash Soup would taste like. Both of us found the curry flavor to be too strong that we could no longer figure out if there was really squash in there or not. I’m definitely not a fan of this.

chicken pomodoro

I chose something classic off the menu with a serving of the Chicken Pomodoro. I tried a bit of the bread which came with my pasta, but decided to leave it alone as I felt I was just about to consume way too much carbs. The big serving of this tomato-based pasta tasted nice and light, even with the generous chicken chunks mixed in with the fusilli.

foie gras mac and cheese

S was the one who was feeling more adventurous that evening and went with the Foie Gras Mac and Cheese. The serving size doesn’t look like much, but we think it’s best shared with someone else. The dish was very rich and we switched between bites of it and the chicken pomodoro to give our taste buds a break.

foie gras mac and cheese 1

But just look at that stringy cheese! Delicious!

matcha parfait

In the end, though, I know the best decision I made that evening was ordering their Matcha Parfait. This was everything I hoped for: matcha soft-serve ice cream, matcha Kitkat, chocolate sauce, chocolate-coated biscuit sticks, matcha and coffee-flavored jelly and mochi. My grin was so big while I was eating this that S thought I looked quite funny! I can imagine myself waltzing in Le Petit Soufflé and ordering just this, no further explanations needed.

table napkin

Overall in terms of food and service, we thought Le Petit Soufflé was okay. The food we got to order were mostly satisfying, although they’re definitely not the cheapest stuff to eat. The lack of attention to cleanliness did have a negative impact on our first impressions of the restaurant, though. I seriously hope the management and the rest of their team give special attention to this since it’s a factor we consider when we recommend dining options to friends and family. If they can’t keep their utensils clean, can we even expect them to maintain a clean kitchen? :-/

*Le Petit Soufflé is located at the 3rd Floor of Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.

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