The Frazzled Cook: A First Impressions Review

Happy 2016, guys! How was the first few days of the new year for you? I know most of you are back to your regular schedules, so I might as well join you and start posting stuff here again. Going through the mountain of backlogs I have, I thought that the best way to start this year was with a post on a restaurant which won my family over just before 2016 started. 🙂

The Frazzled Cook's signage

We first visited The Frazzled Cook upon the recommendation of Dad’s friend. We were on the lookout for something new to try during that time as we were already tired of the same old Chinese and Mediterranean food, so this restaurant was a good fit.

Located along Scout Gandia near Tomas Morato, The Frazzled Cook was nicely situated in a quiet road which matched the place for the homeyness it exuded. Originally located somewhere in Shaw Boulevard, the restaurant has relocated to Quezon City where it continually attracts many customers because of their food and their ambiance. I highly suggest making a reservation ahead of time because the place isn’t all that big and every time we’re there, the place is packed!


While you peruse the menu, I suggest you get something from their drinks menu. My brother ordered their Homemade Iced Tea (left), while Mom tried their Green Mango Shake (right).

squash soup

Start the meal with something hot like their squash soup. Sprinkle a bit of extra pepper using their quirky salt & pepper shakers, if you want to add a little something to your soup.

onion rings

One item we absolutely loved at The Frazzled Cook was their take on the onion rings.  Each ring was perfectly crisp every time we ordered them, and once dipped in the garlic mayo provided, tasted like perfection! Even my Mom who’s not a fan of onion rings raved about this one. That tells you something. 🙂

The Frazzled Cook’s menu held so many tempting things in them so it was always hard for me to choose something to have each visit. Each of the mains from The Frazzled Cook also comes with your choice of side dish; I highly recommend their take on the garlic rice and mashed potatoes.

grilled tangigue steak

Grilled Tangigue Steak

grilled salmon with mango salsa

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa

grilled porkchops

Grilled Pork Chops

The grilled pork chops was a perfect example of their huge serving sizes. I first ordered this thinking what I’ll get was 2 painfully thin slices of meat smothered in sauce, but when this plate was placed in front of me, I was speechless! Each piece was thick and juicy, and I ended up sharing my dish with my Dad. We were also delighted to see that the sauce was served separately since it would’ve been a disaster if it was already poured onto the meat. You only need a bit to enhance the flavors which were already there; anything more would just destroy everything.

lengua with mushrooms and corn

Lengua with Mushrooms and Corn, my Dad’s absolute favorite and one of the main reasons why we kept going back.

seafood paella

During one visit, we also got to try their Seafood Paella.  We liked the fact that there was really a lot of seafood in the dish, but would’ve enjoyed it more if the bottom part was more toasted.

pancake ala mode

For a sweet ending, I loved their Pancake ala Mode. It’s similar to the ones we prepare at home and definitely not something I see often in restaurants. Our version at home is a little tamer than this one, but nevertheless this still hit the spot for us. That crisp outer part of the pancake is a beautiful contrast to the soft center and cold, smooth ice cream. 🙂

brewed coffee

Of course, I just had to order a cup of their regular brewed coffee, which served as a great pairing to that sweet pancake ala mode. 🙂

It took my family and I several visits so that we could try different things on their menu. We still haven’t given everything a shot, especially since we tend to gravitate towards those we already love, but we’re always up for that type of challenge! 🙂

*The Frazzled Cook is found at 78 Scout Gandia, Near Tomas Morato, Laging Handa, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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