Meat Depot: A First Impressions Review

Meat Depot signage

Meat Depot is one of the places that opened recently along Banawe, piquing my Dad’s interest. He loves his meat and S and I thought it would be nice to accompany the parents to dinner there one weekday night.

Meat Depot interiors

We thought their interiors reminded us of Army Navy, and we all found it to be nice.

Meat Depot order form

Meat Depot primarily works as a self-service restaurant, so almost everything is done by the customer, including writing your orders down. You fill out the form above after choosing your meat from their fridge and bring both to the counter for payment. You then have to wait for your number to be called and then claim your food from the kitchen window. All utensils, condiments and service water are located in another table within the dining area.

photo of cooking services

I honestly don’t have any qualms with a system like it, but it was a bit challenging for my parents who had a hard time reading the form because of the font and because they weren’t familiar with the ordering procedure. I was there to help them fill out their forms, but what if other elderly folks didn’t have anyone with them? Only one member of Meat Depot’s staff was on-hand to assist, and even he sounded a bit unsure answering questions regarding their products and eventually disappeared from the area. :-/

soup of the day

It took the cashier quite some time to finish processing payment for our food and after waiting for several more minutes, some of our orders finally started being called out. Dad’s Soup of the Day was the first one to be released- and it wasn’t a good start. The soup was cold, thus not satisfying to say the least. 🙁

frankfurter sausages

I thought the frankfurter sausages Mom chose were delicious, but all my other companions said that there was nothing special to them. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten any type of sausage for such a long time that it messed with my taste buds? :p The mashed potatoes on the side was another disappointment for us as it was dry and again, served cold. 🙁

marinated porkchop

My marinated porkchop was, thankfully, something to rave about. It was tender and cooked nicely. The flavors reminded me of chicken inasal, which I didn’t mind. The mushroom gravy was also something I wouldn’t mind having again. It was addictive and I could eat so much more rice just with it, if only I wasn’t tracking my calorie intake for the day. :p

striploin with mashed potatoes

Moving on to what Meat Depot is supposed to be all about: their steaks. S got himself the striploin with mashed potatoes on the side. Again, the mashed potato was a major disaster.

t-bone with fries

Dad had the T-Bone with fries on the side and spicy pepper gravy. So, what’s their take on their steaks?

Meh. -_-

Neither one enjoyed it very much because both got sinewy meat. They were expecting something tender, but ended up with steaks which were not easy to cut even with a steak knife. Another observation was since all the steaks were being served in plastic plates instead of sizzling plates, the meat became cold super fast, resulting to a less enjoyable dining experience. We think serving the steaks on sizzling plates will not just amp up the presentation, it’ll also make the food stay hot longer.

cut meat

On the brighter side of things, Dad and S had no problems with the doneness of their steaks as they both came out exactly as they specified on their order forms.

Meat Depot display counter

Meat Depot fridge on first floor

In the end, if you dine there and decide you want to purchase some of Meat Depot’s meat products to bring home, head to their first floor and buy what cut you want. They’re mainly a wholesale and retail meat shop anyway, so choices are aplenty. It may also be one of the reasons why they’re a bit shaky when it comes to running a (cooked) food business. There are several areas where they could improve on, especially since they’re still on soft opening. I’m curious to find out if they will, so I’m already planning to find out when I go back after a few weeks.

*Meat Depot is located at 815 Banawe Street, Quezon City. Their first branch is at 283 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City.

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