[Japan] The Tsukiji Market and Ryu Sushi Experience

When wanderlust hits, I like going through my travel photos and recall the wonderful things we got to experience. My most recent scavenge through my folders led me to photos of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.

Tsukiji Market and a trolley

Known to be THE place to be when you want the best sushi, it was easily one place on our must-visit list. We opted out of watching the tuna auction as we were exhausted from the commute from Osaka the day before. Most of the stores in Tsukiji Market close by 2pm, so we made sure we still went early enough to catch most of the action. Exploring the place was such a thrill as there were so many sights, sounds and smells that’ll assault your senses. Being there yourself is the only way to fully grasp why it’s is such a hit among locals and tourists.

some of the seafood sold at Tsukiji Market

tamago sellers

Tsukiji Market isn’t restricted to seafood alone. There are numerous other vendors selling tamago, beef, pickled items and other cooking materials. We got to try the tamagoyaki from this place and it was super delicious! ♥
grilled scallops

tuna head

strawberries on mochi

Mochi with fresh, plump strawberries, anyone?

grilled eel

The main reason for our visit was to have breakfast at one of the sushi places in the market. We headed for Ryu Sushi instead of lining up at the other more well-known places. Our experience at Ryu Sushi exceeded our expectations. I personally loved everything that was served to us by the sushi chef. 🙂 Unfortunately, I no longer recall all the names of the sushi served to us. 🙁

Ryu Sushi facade

Ryu Sushi's chef

S and I both ordered the omakase, which meant we let the sushi master serve us whatever he felt like preparing. This ten-course omakase was expensive, but it was worth every penny. Each piece was served one at a time, and with the chef looking at you as you eat each piece. I think he’s deciding on what to serve you next depending on how you react to each one. It did make us a wee bit self-conscious, but we made sure we expressed our approval for each. No sense in disappointing a chef who’s serving us his personal best!

sushi 1

squid nigiri

Ika (squid) sushi

shirasu sushi
      shirasu sushi

mackarel sushi

I think this one was the aji (Spanish mackerel) sushi. 


arc shell sushi

akagai (arc shell) sushi


sushi with onions

shrimp sushi


The sushi chef asked S and I which one we preferred as our tenth and final piece. S went with ikura (salmon roe), while I chose uni (sea urchin). 🙂



Tsukiji Market is transferring to a new location by November 2016 to give way to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. We highly encourage you to drop by the market when you’re traveling to Japan anytime soon. It’s really an experience you wouldn’t want to miss! 😉

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