Single Origin (Rockwell): A First Impressions Review

Single Origin has been part of my must-visit list for so long, especially after seeing it crop up in my Instagram feed multiple times. When S had to have his bloodwork done early one weekday morning, I took it as a sign for us to have brunch there afterwards.

Single Origin storefront

Located right across the Powerplant Mall, Single Origin has that industrial look but without the coldness and stiffness. I’m personally a fan of high ceilings, exposed brick walls and metal fixtures, so this place was very appealing to me.

Single Origin's bar area

Single Origin interior

We also appreciated that their servers welcomed us into their store even if they still had a few minutes to go before they were completely ready. We didn’t mind waiting as I was just too excited that we’re finally there to try the place out. I had such a hard time deciding which one to order when I was going through the menu; I just wanted everything!

A cup of Flat White

An area where I didn’t have a hard time deciding was my beverage. I normally go for plain brewed coffee or iced Americanos, but I wanted to try and see if I’ll like the Flat White. This 8 oz. cup was smooth and had a rich coffee flavor; definitely not all milk and froth in this one. I’m not an expert when it comes to coffee and I won’t be able to explain to you the science behind a Flat White. I can, however, say that I highly enjoyed this way of drinking my caffeine. I probably need to go back and get a cup soon. :p

two slices of toast topped with spinach, mushrooms and soft boiled eggs

The Flat White wasn’t the only thing which won me over. Single Origin’s Egg Spinach Toast was also the bomb. I don’t care if it didn’t contain bacon or ham or sausages. That rich, umami flavor from the sautéed mushrooms and spinach brought the house down. I can have this anytime of the day and it’ll make me one happy camper. The serving size was big, especially with the thick slices of toasts. I could have stopped at eating just one piece, but I couldn’t help it and ended up finishing all (including all the feta cheese bits!). Oh and should I even mention the soft-boiled eggs? YUM.

waffles with bfast sausages

S was already feeling hungry after going through the required fasting for the blood sugar test. He went with the Breakfast Sausage and Egg with Waffles, which I was also eyeing at first. The one thing that immediately caught my eye when this was placed on the table was the whole grain mustard. I love wholegrain mustard and I was thrilled that they had it there. I’m glad S thought the same and didn’t waste even a tiny bit of that. S enjoyed everything on his plate and agreed that it was one of our best brunches yet. Presentation could definitely use a bit of improvement though.

matcha tea latte

I was surprised when S decided to get the Japan Matcha Latte since he’s not a big green tea fan. He found it better than most, although wished that it was sweeter. I tried it out and liked it as it is. You can see which one of us has a bigger sweet tooth!

We stayed at Single Origin for almost two hours and enjoyed watching as people started to trickle in. Some arrived for meetings over breakfast, some stayed with a book or with their laptops. I watched as the servers greeted each of the customers happily as they entered. Some, who were most likely regulars, were chatting with the servers before they settled down in their chairs.

Back when I was still living in QC, I had a favorite spot in the café near my house. I’d go there often, enjoy my coffee and just observe the world as things went idly by. I was hoping I’d find a similar place when I moved to Makati. I think I may have just found it at Single Origin. ?

*Single Origin is located at the following addresses:
Ground Floor, Edades Garden, Amorsolo corner Rockwell Drive, Rockwell, Makati City
2nd Floor, C3 Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

**If wine, beer, cognac and crafted cocktails are what you’re looking for, Single Origin has those on their menu as well. Happy hour is from 4-8pm on selected drinks. Maybe we’ll give that a shot one day. ?

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