The Dessert Kitchen 甜品工房 (Rockwell)

Do you get food cravings so intense that other people go out of their way to help you satisfy those cravings? As embarrassing as it may be, I admit I go through that quite frequently. These craving “episodes” usually last just a day or two. I tend to obsess about it until (1) it gets satisfied, or (2) enough time passes that I lose any sort of interest in that craving. I’m surrounded by a group of enablers, with my mom topping that list (hi, Ma!). That’s why things normally end with scenario 1, instead of scenario 2. Diet fail. ?

The Dessert Kitchen storefront

These cravings are also random in nature. I can start looking for pizza today, dirty ice cream tomorrow and then sushi a few days after. There’s no rhyme or reason to it! A week ago, I told S I wanted to eat something sweet. I didn’t want the usual chocolate bars or random cake slice, though. I specifically wanted something from The Dessert Kitchen at the Powerplant Mall. Conveniently, we had some errands to do in that area when the craving hit. S and I popped into the store and see what we can have before we headed home.

bar area

They prepare most of the items ordered at the bar in front of the store. Right across that are bar stools which can be used by customers. I suggest walking further into the store for more seats and a whimsical painting which dominates one entire wall. Admittedly, the place isn’t very big so it does feel a bit cramped.

cocoa kiss sundae

There were so many choices to choose from but I honed in quickly on anything with chocolate and coffee. There was no doubt that the Cocoa Kiss Sundae was for me. Every part of this beautiful dessert made me happy: chocolate ice cream, cocoa crisps, chocolate pearls, creamy vanilla ice cream, coffee jelly and a slice of a banana. I loved the contrast between the bitter coffee jelly and the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream! Even S was impressed.

kanten with kyoho

S was feeling more experimental that afternoon, so he ordered something that was a bit unusual. He chose the Kanten with Kyoho (grape) sauce. Kanten is a semi-translucent gelatinous substance which was served to look like noodles at The Dessert Kitchen. When you order this, you get a small bowl of seasonal fruits and a dipping sauce of your choice. You can choose either peach, green tea milk, kyoho, honey or brown sugar. We thought this was similar to tsukemen but in dessert form.

Unfortunately, we weren’t amazed by the dessert itself but we found it to be a very novel idea. Presentation was cute and definitely Instagram-worthy, but I think we’ll stick with the more ordinary looking ones next time. 🙂

*The Dessert Kitchen is at the 3rd floor of the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City. They also have branches at the UP Town Center and at S Maison, Conrad Manila.

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