[Scotland] Papii Café: Hanover Street

When S and I were on the train to Edinburgh, I was alternating between doing a bit of last minute research and napping. At one point in the 4.5-hour travel, I started to feel peckish. Rather than buy something from the train’s food cart, I decided I’d like to eat something once we got off at Waverley.

Papii Cafe storefront

My research solely became all about food at that point and after just a few minutes, I had this long list of places we could eat at. Papii Café was the one to top that list. Why? They were selling homemade raspberry scones! ? That alone convinced me. Their store was also located very near our hotel, which is another plus. Even if they were somewhere further, I’d still check the place out. ?

cup of flat white

raspberry and white chocolate scone

Edinburgh was freezing compared to London when we arrived. My thermal wear and coat weren’t doing much to protect me from the cold wind (a sweet, old lady advised I get myself some good quality cashmere ?). Needless to say, I was more than grateful when my cup of Flat White arrived and helped thaw me out.

After dreaming of scones during the last leg of our train ride, I obviously didn’t pass up on the chance to get Papii Café’s Raspberry White Chocolate Scone while we were there. I had to have it with the clotted cream and jam. I mean, is there any other way to eat a scone? ? I remember posting the same scone photo on Instagram and saying that I wish I could bring them home to Manila. I still feel the same way now, even if it’s been weeks since our visit to Papii Café. I think I should go on a quest to find a scone as good as this one locally. ?

Nutella croissant

veg pasta bake with tomatoes on the side

S was enjoying his Nutella croissant when I mentioned that the Veg Bake in the display fridge looked tempting. I don’t usually find savory dishes from cafés all that amazing, but this veg bake was an exception. It was absolutely satisfying! Even S, who’s picky when it comes to anything vegetable related, thought it was brilliant. I don’t think he missed the meat while eating his share of this dish. ?

window seat inside the cafe

I’m so happy this café popped up during my research and that we were able to visit them even once during that trip. From the coffee, food, service and down to those pretty fairy lights, we thought everything about the place was spot on. How I wish we arrived earlier than we did and spent more time at Papii Café. We finished our food just in time for them to start closing shop. Don’t get me wrong; the lovely people at the café didn’t rush us at all. We just weren’t aware that some shops closed that early in Edinburgh so we were surprised. ? I’ll make a mental note of researching store closing hours next time I travel around. More time spent in beautiful cafés is always a good idea. ?

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