[Supermarket Finds] Pop! Gourmet Sriracha Potato Chips and Popcorn

I love walking around the grocery store (preferably early in the morning when there are no crowds yet), scouring the shelves for the next big discovery. I often end up buying just the basics, but there’s the occasional find that’s so unusual, I can’t wait to try it when I get home.

Sriracha snacks

Such is the case when S and I dropped by S&R at The Fort the other day and I spotted these ridiculously large bags of Sriracha flavored snacks! If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for Sriracha. I put it on almost anything I eat and it makes things so palatable. It’s up there with gravy, you get what I mean? ?

Sriracha potato chips

This bag of Pop!Gourmet Sriracha potato chips was the first one I opened and devoured. I had to stop myself from finishing the whole bag only because I wanted to wake up the next day and still find them in my pantry. These chips were very crispy and both the garlic and chili flavors were intense. I highly recommend this bag of crisps. ?

Sriracha popcorn

If you’re not into chips, you can go for the Pop! Gourmet Sriracha popcorn. A bag of this was bigger than my face, no kidding. I thought the popcon was okay; I found the chips version way more enjoyable. The popcorn weren’t as coated in the spicy seasoning as the chips, so that was a downer for me. I still managed to finish the entire bag though! Just took me several more days than I expected. ?

I’m looking forward to our next grocery run. If we do find ourselves back at S&R, I’ll be restocking on those chips. Hopefully they still carry those. Fingers crossed! ?

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