Hello from Windy Welly!

S and I were both anxious and excited when he accepted a work assignment based in New Zealand. Getting all the paperwork sorted was a bit of a challenge, but now it’s been a month since we arrived and we’re enjoying Wellington a lot!

We adjusted very easily into our new daily routines, thanks to the lovely people we’ve met and the ideal weather here. If Manila had this kind of climate, we would all be so much happier there I think.

Cuba Street sign

Apartment hunting took awhile too, but thankfully we found a quiet, residential place we both liked and fit nicely into our budget. It’s also a big plus that our apartment is situated near Cuba Street.

Cuba, named after a ship that landed in New Zealand back in the 1840’s, is a street filled with an eclectic mix of retaurants, cafes, thrift stores, tattoo parlors and other retail stores. We’ve walked up and down this road several times since coming here, but we still haven’t visited all the restaurants and stores that are there.

umbrella along Cuba Street

I’ve always enjoyed people watching whenever I get the chance and a beautiful, sunny day in Wellington is a perfect time to do just that. I’ve found myself sitting on one of the benches here on several occasions, observing as much people as I can. Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m creepy. haha! I’m sure the buskers performing along Cuba Street don’t mind. 🙂

Bucket Fountain along Cuba Street

One of the permanent fixtures along Cuba Street is the Bucket Fountain. It always makes a mess with the water overflowing or splashing onto the street, but it never fails to draw the attention of passersby.

Another thing is the street art within this area! They’re almost everywhere and it’s such a thrill to stumble upon ones which we find funny or cool.

middle of Cuba Street

Street art along Cuba Street

dog wall art along Cuba Street

Honestly, Cuba Street isn’t the place to be if you’re looking for high end retail therapy, but it does offer a lot to the curious. Tucked away in all the streets intersecting Cuba are tons of other shops and dining establishments worth visiting. We’re excited to continue discovering more about New Zealand’s capital and we’ll make sure to document as much of it as we can. 🙂

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  1. It’s been a month? Oh how time flies! Love that you are staying in an area with a lot of personality – artsy, entertaining and never ending supply of foodie places to explore. Miss hanging out with you! 🙂

    1. It’s a bit too fast, right? 🙂 Thanks, Dems! Let’s meet up when we get back!

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