[Wellington] Mekong Cafe: Vivian Street

It’s not surprising that I have a list of spots I visit again and again when I spend enough time in one location. This holds especially true for places where I get food. One of the places I head to for affordable and filling meals is Mekong Cafe.

Mekong Cafe along Vivian Street

I remember passing by this place several times and not even being slightly curious in knowing what they offer. Unfortunately, Vietnamese food isn’t always on my radar. I’m glad S asked me to try it out with him one weekend, or I would’ve missed on some good meals.


Once inside, I was drawn to the laid-back feel of the place. There were elements inside which made it seem cozy to me. Things like the red Chinese banners plastered on the wall to the elderly patron reading his newspaper in one corner all reminded me of home.

avocado shake

banh tam bi from Mekong Cafe

Mekong Cafe’s menu is made up mostly of Vietnamese dishes, with some Chinese ones mixed in. My personal favorites from this place so far are their avocado shake and the banh tham bi. The latter one is a beautiful dish of chewy tapioca noodles topped with vegetables, spring rolls and coconut milk. So, so good!

grilled pork with rice

beef brisket

Their rice dishes are also another item I would recommend. Most of these come with a bowl of clear broth, making the meal a lot more well-rounded. Their Grilled Pork was one dish I didn’t regret getting. The meat was very tender and dipping them into the sauce provided made them even better. I enjoy Vietnamese sauces in general and this one was no exception. 😉

S also speaks highly of their Com Bo Kho (beef brisket), which he claims is one of the best in Wellington so far. We thought it would be too spicy because of the deep red hue to it, but S said that it was just right.

crispy egg noodles topped with pork and vegetables

Aside from pho, Mekong Cafe also has fried noodle dishes on their menu, much to S’ delight. One order of Fried Noodles is good enough for the two, but only if you’re both not that hungry! It had a generous topping of meat and mixed vegetables that we feel like we got our money’s worth.

selection of condiments on each table

Mekong Cafe isn’t a high-end restaurant and I’m very glad it’s not trying to be one. For me, a lot of its charm comes from its simplicity and the warm service they provide. I can’t forget about the old lady who assisted us when we first ate there. She had the most welcoming smiles I’ve seen in my life. These little things never fail to make me come back for more comforting bowls of noodles. 🙂

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  1. Com Bo Kho looks like our Caldereta :3

    1. Thankfully they don’t taste the same! Haha

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