[Wellington] The Wellington Night Markets

A quiet area along Cuba Street called the Left Bank is home to a few restaurants, a Chinese calligraphy store and an old bookshop. I walk pass the area very often, but don’t see a lot of activity there. I myself rarely take time to take a look around even if I have time on my hands. For me, it doesn’t quite resemble the same place where a part of the Wellington Night Market is held. The place buzzes with activity on Friday nights! It really is such a nice contrast.

S and I wandered into this market on our first day here in Welly. There were a handful of stalls selling other edibles and they sure are all enticing! In the end, we decided to grab these these gorgeous lamb and butter chicken wraps which I posted on Instagram. No regrets whatsoever! They were from a stall called Roti Bay and I recommend them if you’re looking for something piping hot and filling that you can eat on the go.

I love discovering little food markets when I travel. These wraps were from a stall at the Wellington Night Market. Both butter chicken and lamb wraps were delish! ?

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The markets open very early at 5pm and our first visit was on rainy summer night. A lot of the stalls weren’t open when we were there. We returned a couple of weeks after and were thrilled to see the amount of people there and the activities on the street. Buskers were performing in different areas, drawing the attention of the people milling around. More vendors were open to cater to a crowd of curious tourists and hungry locals alike. Again, most of the stalls sold food but there were a few vendors selling other items too.

stall selling pet themed items

chur bro churros stall

Chur Bro churros with Hokey Pokey dark chocolate sauce

One of our favorite stalls at the Left Bank is Chur Bro Churros. You get to enjoy your churros with your choice of homemade sauce. Ours was the Hokey Pokey Dark Chocolate, which was absolutely delicious! Vegans will be happy to hear that Chur Bro Churros’ are perfect for them as these are dairy-free. 🙂

Wellington Night Market at Lower Cuba

The fun doesn’t stop on Fridays! Saturday nights bring calmness back to the Left Bank as the crowds gather at Lower Cuba where the food trucks are positioned. Some of the vendors from the Friday Night Market are there too, but there are a couple of new ones as well. We’ve tried the mixed berries ice cream from one Saturday Night Market vendor and loved it! The bits of berries against the smooth ice cream was such a nice contrast in textures. If you didn’t want to have mixed berries like the one we got, you can go with either just strawberry, boysenberry, blueberry or raspberry. 🙂

mixed berries ice cream on a waffle cone

There were truly so many food trucks to try that we’ve noted down some of those which we want to try next. Here are some of the ones that are part of our list:

Chaiwalla truck

Garuda truck for Indonesian food

S and I haven’t tried eating everything in one visit no matter how tempting that may be. We’ve only tried a handful but we’re always looking forward to discovering our next favorite food truck. It’s a good thing this market is there every weekend! 🙂

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