TJ Katsu (Manners Street): A First Impressions Review

More often than not, S and I head out for meals without knowing what it is exactly we’d like to eat. We wander aimlessly from one restaurant to another, taking a look at the menus plastered on their windows. During one of those times, we ended up along Manners Street in front of TJ Katsu. The place looks Japanese and since Japanese food is both our favorite, we ventured inside.

interiors of TJ Katsu Manners Street branch

We were early and there were still a lot of seats available. It took us a while to decide on which items to get. Good thing that the staff members there were nice and didn’t rush us at all.

Sushi chef wall art inside TJ Katsu

While waiting for our food to arrive, we enjoyed looking at the huge anime style images on the walls. I also thought that the lanterns hanging from the ceiling added a nice touch. S and I did note that it was strange for a Japanese restaurant to be playing Korean music. When the other staff members started conversing in Korean, we realized that we might not have entered a real Japanese place at all.

Teriyaki Chicken with miso soup on the side

Chicken Katsu with rice

Thankfully, the food wasn’t all that bad. S chose to have the Teriyaki Chicken while I had the Chicken Katsu. Both dishes had a generous serving of salad on the side and a bowl of hot miso soup. I enjoyed the crunchy breadcrumbs which covered my thin piece of chicken katsu, but other than that there’s nothing much to write home about. S’ teriyaki chicken was your usual tender chicken chunks in a sweet glaze. Overall, it was a satisfactory meal. Enough to keep us satiated, but not exactly the Japanese style which we originally had in mind upon entering the place.

sushi for dine in or takeaway

However, we are curious to try some of the items from the vast selection of sushi TJ Katsu has. The long sushi cabinet contains a feast for the eyes. From the usual sushi topped with salmon to rolls filled with avocados and/or cream cheese, it’s something that S and I would be happy to try. It’s self-service, so we can easily pick out the ones we want and pay for them at the counter. Maybe next time when we find ourselves standing in front of TJ Katsu again.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for a Japanese food-related post haha! I hope you find a better resto in your neighborhood ?

    1. Thanks! We’re on a search for the best ones pa! Haha ?

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