[Wellington] Satay Palace Malaysian Cafe: Cuba Street

As I’ve mentioned many times in my previous posts, Cuba Street has loads of restaurants. We could easily eat at a different one everyday and won’t have to go back to the same restaurant for, I guess, a month. Maybe even longer! We don’t do that, of course. There are just times when it’s better to go to a place you know will give you delicious food ASAP. That’s where Satay Palace comes in.

Satay Palace signage and storefront

Satay Palace can be easily missed if you’re not keeping an eye out for it. It’s a small place, located next to other similarly small shops and restaurants. S and I love coming here for comfort food that come in huge portions. They’re not only delicious, the food’s affordable and served fast. In my opinion, perfect for those almost hangry moments!

Oh and that friendly lady who usually shouts your order to the person in the kitchen in Cantonese or Mandarin? I love her! Hearing the names of those dishes in Cantonese remind me so much of eating meals with my Dad. 🙂

BBQ Pork with rice from Satay Palace

Satay Palace predominantly serves Malaysian cuisine, but there are Chinese dishes found here and there. When we first dined here, S zoomed in on one of his all-time favorite dishes: BBQ Pork with Rice. He never fails to order this whenever its on a restaurant’s menu. He enjoyed this version, especially when the thinly sliced meat was swimming in all that sauce.

chicken rendang

For a self-declared foodie, I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t had rendang before I set foot inside Satay Palace. In my defense, most of the rendang dishes I’ve encountered beforehand were made with beef. I had to keep myself away from those, thanks to certain dietary restrictions.

Thankfully, Satay Palace had it in another version and my verdict? I loved it! The chicken rendang was intense in flavor. I enjoyed the beautiful mix of spices and the very tender chicken meat. I easily polished off one entire plate of this.

kung pao tofu

On one of those days when I limit my consumption of meat, I tried their Kung Pao Tofu. I’m happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed with my choice. Spicy and sweet sauce covered each vegetable piece and tofu slices. I liked that the vegetables weren’t soggy and still had some crunch to them. Even S enjoyed the tofu slices, although he wouldn’t touch the rest of my dish. 🙂 It may just be a purely vegetable dish, but this one made me full and satiated for a good while. No hunger pangs until it was already time for dinner.

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about this, it’s the celery pieces that are mixed in. There’s only one other veg I dislike apart from bittermelon, and that’s celery. I ate a piece or two and left the rest on the side of my plate. I just couldn’t. -_-

chicken nasi goreng

steamed pork dumplings

Again, portions here in Wellington are way larger than what we’re used to in Manila. There are times when we had trouble finishing everything on our plates. To be perfectly honest, that’s not very often. 😉 But just in case your appetite isn’t like ours, we highly suggest ordering Satay Palace’s Chicken Nasi Goreng and splitting it with your companion. Or maybe bring half home for dinner. Or lunch the next day. It’s up to you.

Their Nasi Goreng is so flavorful, it’s really not hard to eat it all on its own glory. Personally, I like ordering the steamed pork dumplings on the side just for that extra something. S isn’t a massive fan of anything that resembles dumplings, so I usually end up eating a serving all by myself. Not complaining though. 🙂

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