[Wellington] KC Cafe & Takeaway: Courtenay Place

Once in a while, S and I want to indulge in good old fashioned Chinese food. There are several options near our place, but S loves this particular restaurant along Courtenay Place called KC Cafe & Takeaway. We’ve been to the place a handful of times and it’s always packed. The only time we’ve ever seen it almost deserted was when we passed by the place during an extremely rare case of our early morning walk. I mean as early as 4am. We didn’t even know that the place was open at that hour!

Oh, just in case you’re wondering what made us go wandering the streets at 4 in the morning, let me explain. S wanted to see if we could catch a glimpse of the meteor shower we heard about. It was around 5am when S started spotting them. S said he caught three while I think I saw just one. After that, we grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s. Sausage and Egg McMuffin for the win.

interiors of KC Cafe and Takeaway

Anyway, let’s go back to KC Cafe, shall we? This place serves some of the best Chinese dishes we’ve had in Welly so far. Their roast duck is almost like the ones we’ve had in Hong Kong. Other dishes like their Chicken in Oyster Sauce and Soya Sauce transport me back to enjoying similar meals prepared at home. They have a pretty long list of items, but please don’t go the easy route and order sweet & sour pork. We suggest trying other things on the menu. We really think you’ll be in for a surprise.

chopped roast duck and leafy vegetables over rice

claypot filled with chicken and vegetables

The last time S and I went there for a meal, we were ravenous. We decided to order Yang Chow Fried Rice along with a small serving of their famous Salt Pepper Squid and Crispy Roast Pork. I personally found the squid dish to be lacking in the pepper department, but I can see why a lot of people (S included) enjoy eating this. The squid was really tender and the outside was super crisp. It can get addictive.

It’s safe to say that this spread would probably be good enough for 3 individuals, maybe even 4. We did, however, inhale everything down to the last bit. We felt kinda bad afterwards for eating that much food, but just a teeny tiny bit.

chopped crispy squid, crispy roast pork and a big plate of fried rice

KC Cafe is admittedly a very small restaurant. We often find ourselves crammed in a table by the corner or having to share with other diners. Normally, this would tick me off as I dislike crowds especially when we’re dining out. But in KC Cafe, I don’t really mind. Once we’re faced with humongous plates of feel-good Chinese food, it’s just so easy to retreat to our own bubble and enjoy. 🙂

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