[Wellington] R&S Satay Noodle House: Cuba Street

After our weekly grocery runs, S and I like to go window shopping. If we’re not checking out the stuff at EB Games or JB Hi-Fi, then we’re browsing shoe stores or book shops elsewhere. We almost always end up eating out too. R&S Satay Noodle House is one of S’ favorite stops for when our legs are tired and he wants a place that’s on our way home.

R&S counter

With R&S being so accessible, it’s not surprising that S has fostered a love affair with it. This restaurant is much more spacious than the other Malaysian/Chinese restaurants found in the same area. There’s even an ATM there! You’ll have to get the money from outside the restaurant, but the ATM’s main body is located inside the store. We thought it was such a funny setup. Nobody seems to mind having it there in one corner.

The loud green colored walls aren’t the most appealing to the eyes either, but that one’s easy to ignore once your food has been served. We’ve always received prompt and friendly service from this place, although we’ve read other online reviews which say that service can be slow. Either we’re always lucky or other reviewers just stumbled on a bad day in the resto.

condiments on every table

Combination Fried Noodles smothered in sauce

The menu list at R&S is pretty​ long. It takes some time to read everything that’s plastered on the walls. We’ve only tried a handful of items since S has this habit of ordering the same thing each time we set foot in R&S. He’s addicted to the Combination Fried Noodles and gladly orders it every single time. Always with an extra egg mixed in too! All those noodles swimming in soupy gravy…it makes S’ heart (and stomach) so happy.

chicken satay on rice

I’ve tried their Chicken Satay over rice, but didn’t​ become a massive fan of it. I was expecting chicken meat in skewers, so I was surprised when I was served this. Now that I think about it, I wonder if they served me the wrong dish and I got the Satay Sauce over Rice instead. I don’t know why I never thought about asking though. ?

I liked the light peanut flavor, and I found that adding a bit of the chili powder helped amp it up in terms of flavor. I’m no Malaysian food expert, but I think I’ll pass and stick to their other items in the future.

Seafood Laksa with a fried chicken wing on top

On another note, their Seafood Laksa is the bomb. The hot, creamy soup exuded comfort in every level. It’s the perfect one to order on a rainy afternoon. R&S is generous with their fish cakes and balls, so I usually share those with S. The lone chicken wing on top is always reserved for me though! 🙂

chicken nasi lemak

bah kut teh served with rice

Two other items we both love are the Chicken Nasi Lemak and the Bah Kut Teh. Both dishes’ portion sizes are enormous and perfect for sharing. I made the mistake of ordering the Nasi Lemak for myself on time and couldn’t finish it off. Both dishes had beautiful flavors and are items that we won’t mind recommending to friends.

Since there are still so many other things we haven’t tried at R&S, I’m pretty sure the people there will see us again soon. Especially since I don’t think S will ever get over his favorite plate of noodles in the city. 🙂

R&S Satay Noodle House front

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  1. Maybe they went during busy hours and they weren’t enough people to serve that day hehe. Seeing this made me hungry again hahaha! Hope you get the right Chicken Satay order next time ?

    1. Thanks, Dems! Just seeing that photo of their laksa and nasi lemak makes me hungry too! ?

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