The Food Show in Wellington

S and I braved another chilly Saturday afternoon to attend The Food Show at the Westpac Stadium. We heard that it’s the largest food and wine festival in the country. Obviously, it’s something we can’t pass up. We made sure to bring a couple of eco bags with us too. We’ve never left a food fair empty handed in Manila, so we knew things would most likely be the same here! ?

one of the banners by the entrance of The Food Show NZ

Beehive, sellers of sausages and bacon

The Food Show had an impressive number of exhibitors. S and I enjoyed walking around and sampling different edibles here and there. I was happy to see brands which we already knew and supported, like Preston’s and Beehive. We also found several others which we’ve not tried before. Booths selling cheeses and chocolates always drew my attention, while S was easily attracted to those selling meats and drinks.

Grinning Gecko artisinal cheese booth

Coffex booth

The Food Show cooking theater

Like most major food fairs, The Food Show also had several prominent culinary stars and chefs over for cooking demos. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get to watch any of them in action. It would’ve been fun if we could have at least caught a glimpse of Annabel Langbein, whom we’ve seen on TV.

Fresh As booth

Booth of Heller's sausages

Steam Brewing Co. Booth

A lot of attendees seem to enjoy the alcoholic drinks the most, but I personally liked the Healthy Hub more. There were goods for people with specific dietary requirements like gluten free food or vegan/vegetarian. It’s amusing to see what’s new in the market nowadays.

Bread mixes from The Larder Project

COCAVO at The Food Show NZ

Roughly two hours after we arrived, S and I left the venue carrying bags filled with goodies we bought. We had a blast and honestly thought The Food Show was worth our time and money! I’m happy we decided to go. ?

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