[Wellington] Café on Plimmer: Lambton Quay

A bit further away from where we live is Lambton Quay, the main hub for all things corporate. It’s also a part of the Golden Mile, a very long stretch of area where branded retail shops can be found. Wherever offices are located, there will surely be tons of dining establishments too.

Café on Plimmer is tucked away inside the AMI building along Lambton Quay. Peeking inside the building through the windows wouldn’t work either since the café is located at the top floor. S and I wouldn’t have known about this hidden gem if it wasn’t for his Filipino colleagues who brought us there. Thanks so much, guys!

Cafe on Plimmer

Since the café is owned and operated by a Filipino, it wasn’t surprising that a number of Pinoy dishes are showcased alongside Western favorites like the eggs benedict and carbonara.

For lunch that day, S and I chose each of our favorite Filipino breakfast items: beef tapa and pork tocino. Both dishes came with garlic rice, a poached egg, grilled tomato and delicious hollandaise sauce. I guess you can say it’s the more classy sister of our tapsilog and tocilog back home. 🙂 I heard you can swap the garlic rice with chips or salad, but why would you do that? We’re sticking with the rice!

Beef with garlic rice and poached egg

sweet pork with garlic rice and poached egg

Both the pork and beef were served as whole pieces and not sliced like how we’re used to in Manila. It doesn’t affect the taste at all, and both types of meat were beautifully tender and flavorful. It was such a treat for S and I to get to enjoy these dishes after several months away from the Philippines.

Café on Plimmer is pretty popular among the lunch crowd and the small place gets full even before 12 noon strikes. Since the place is open as early as 7am, it’s also the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and some brunch for takeaway.

It’s sad that Café on Plimmer is open only from Mondays to Fridays, and only from 7am to 3pm. S and I don’t get to visit during weekends, and it’s not always possible to head there on lunch breaks during work days. It doesn’t mean we won’t be back, though! We’d want to enjoy more Filipino breakfast dishes again soon. 🙂

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  1. Finally, a taste of home <3
    Do they have halo halo? hehehe ?

    1. They don’t. ?

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