[Wellington] Nando’s: Queensgate Mall

I first heard about Nando’s from my brother. The positive reviews he gave made me want to try it out too. Unfortunately, it’s not a brand we have in Manila, so the first time I ate and enjoyed Nando’s peri peri chicken was during a trip to London. Fast forward to a few days into our arrival in Welly, S and I saw that Nando’s have branches here too. I definitely wasn’t the only one happy about it. 🙂

Nando's Queensgate Mall

S and I were at Queensgate Shopping Mall with a friend of ours when we finally got around to eating at a Nando’s branch. We were all very hungry at the time, and ended up ordering a feast for ourselves.

Coke and L&P bottles

Nando's Hot with coleslaw

I normally get my chicken in Lemon & Herb, but since I wanted something with a bit more kick, I went for the Hot quarter chicken instead. I ended up amping up the heat more by adding a mix of Nando’s Medium and Extra Hot peri-peri sauces. Don’t judge me! ? I like my food really spicy.

Nando's Mild with Chips

While their coleslaw and corn on a cob were good, the biggest star of all will forever be the chips with peri peri salt. Those thick potato chips are addictive and highly satisfying on their own! We suggest skipping the Portuguese rolls though, as they hold nothing special and simply take up too much space inside the stomach. Leave them and indulge in more chicken…or chips, I don’t mind. ?

Nando's sauces

You Missed a Spot

We’re all extremely happy to learn that Nando’s along Courtenay Place has finished renovations​ and has reopened to the public. There’s no more need to travel a long way the next time a craving for peri-peri chicken hits! ?

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