[Wellington] Little India: Cuba Street

We don’t talk about it much here on the blog, but Indian cuisine is something S and I truly enjoy having every once in a while. The rich hearty curries, hot naan and flavorful biryani dishes leave us more than satisfied. We haven’t been to many restaurants serving Indian dishes here in Welly, but the one we frequent the most is Little India along Cuba.

Little India logo and storefront

I remember thinking that the place was a bit intimidating since it looked so closed off from the outside. Once inside though, there’s nothing to worry about. The restaurant was bigger than most of the places we’ve been to along Cuba. We really liked that it wasn’t crowded at all. The servers generally remained out of the way until we’re ready to order, but they’re happy to assist whenever there’s something we needed.

Little India Cuba Street interiors

The first time S and I visited Little India was for dinner with friends before heading to the cinema. We let them choose the dishes for us that night. Let me tell you, that meal went down so well! S and I have been back to Little India several times after that, and the food has always been consistently good. We highly recommend popping by for a quick meal before exploring the rest of Cuba Street!

three different viands

Each of their main dishes come with a serving of plain Basmati rice and a plain or garlic naan, which makes eating at Little India a lot more awesome! There are so many dishes you can choose to enjoy, but here are some of our favorites: Murg Mumtaz, or more commonly known as Butter Chicken, (NZ$19.00) and Lamb Korma (NZ$20.50/order). We loved the Lamb Korma so much, we ordered two! Nobody in our group can get enough of those creamy sauces.

palak paneer and lamb saagwala

During days when I feel like amping up our vegetable intake without sacrificing flavor, we go for their Lamb Saagwala (NZ$20.50) and Palak Paneer (NZ$17.50). Both curries are made from a good chunk of spinach, which I’m more than happy to see S consume. Given a choice, S would pick the Lamb Saagwala over the other one only because there’s meat in it. I, on the other hand, much prefer the Palak Paneer and going meatless.

boti kebab

Little India has other stuff on their menu apart from curries and the like. They have items which are more dry and with the sauces served separate, like the Boti Kebab (NZ$15.00). These pieces of diced lamb meat were alright, but we would skip ordering it again only because we’re massive fans of the curries. The more sauce, the better!

vegetable biryani

I personally love eating Indian curries with plain Basmati rice, but having bowls of biryani in front of you is quite difficult to ignore! Little India’s Vegetable Biryani (NZ$18.00/order) is a real winner. We had this during the dinner out with friends and we demolished everything. I like it so much, I’ve considered ordering this biryani for takeaway and eating it whenever I don’t feel like cooking at home. That’s going to be on my agenda for one of these days…

mango lassi

If there’s one thing I’m sad about whenever we visit Little India, it’s that they don’t serve their Pista Kulfi (pistachio ice cream) at the Cuba Street branch. It’s such a shame because I remember liking it so much when I ate at Swagat, that I wanted S to try it out to. To make up for the loss of dessert, S tried their Mango Lassi (NZ$5.50) which he ended up liking.

Little India has a pretty sizable list of offerings and I want to be able to try their other stuff over the next couple of months. I have my eyes set on their Bhara Mushrooms, Lamb Jhalfrezee, Chicken Vindaloo and Fish Malabari. I hope S and the rest of the gang are up for them too! 🙂

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