[Wellington] Little India: Cuba Street

We don’t talk about it much here on the blog, but Indian cuisine is something S and I truly enjoy having every once in a while. The rich hearty curries, hot naan and flavorful biryani dishes leave us more than satisfied. We haven’t been to many restaurants serving Indian dishes here in Welly, but the […]

[Wellington] Chocolate Frog Cafe: Miramar Ave.

Having weekend brunches together with friends is one of our favorite things to do here in Welly. Our usual spots are places near the flat, but on some Saturday mornings, J drives us to a place called The Chocolate Frog Cafe. It’s located in a different suburb, and since the traffic here isn’t as horrendous […]

[Wellington] Wagamama: Customhouse Quay

I remember back when we were in London, S and I saw ads for a restaurant called Wagamama quite frequently. We became curious but didn’t get around to dining there since we had other places we wanted to try. Imagine my surprise when I spotted Wagamama here in Welly while looking for a completely different […]

[Wellington] Origami: Cuba Street

It’s been four months since my husband and I arrived in Welly and we still haven’t found what we could call our favorite Japanese restaurant. It’s difficult to choose with so many options available! We decided to stick to the places closest to home for now, especially since there’s one place in particular that has […]