[Wellington] Café on Plimmer: Lambton Quay

A bit further away from where we live is Lambton Quay, the main hub for all things corporate. It’s also a part of the Golden Mile, a very long stretch of area where branded retail shops can be found. Wherever offices are located, there will surely be tons of dining establishments too. Café on Plimmer […]

[Wellington] KC Cafe & Takeaway: Courtenay Place

Once in a while, S and I want to indulge in good old fashioned Chinese food. There are several options near our place, but S loves this particular restaurant along Courtenay Place called KC Cafe & Takeaway. We’ve been to the place a handful of times and it’s always packed. The only time we’ve ever seen […]

TJ Katsu (Manners Street): A First Impressions Review

More often than not, S and I head out for meals without knowing what it is exactly we’d like to eat. We wander aimlessly from one restaurant to another, taking a look at the menus plastered on their windows. During one of those times, we ended up along Manners Street in front of TJ Katsu. […]

Enter The Vegan Vault

I accidentally stumbled upon The Vegan Vault’s Facebook page one day while I was lazily browsing stuff online. I’ve been enjoying a more plant based diet since last year, so I wasn’t surprised when I became interested in attending their launch last April 1st. It was the first all-vegan market in the city and I wanted to […]