Armageddon: Wellington Comic Con

S and I returned to the Westpac Stadium a few weeks ago to attend Armageddon. It was a cold, rainy – and to be honest, quite miserable – day in Welly, but it didn’t stop us from going to the event. Unlike the other conventions we’ve attended before, this one was divided into different areas​ in the city. Some cosplay shoots were done in gardens, board game sessions were held in a nearby college, etc. The one at the Westpac Stadium was where you could check out stuff that were on sale.

A handful of cosplayers, mostly in characters from Overwatch, were milling around while we checked out the stuff being sold. Although there were a lot of vendors, a chunk of them only sold fidget spinners and replica swords. Other stalls sold manga, DVDs, clothing, trading card games, etc. I was a bit disappointed since I hoped to see a lot of collectible figures and games.

My Pop Culture's booth at Armageddon

Manga series bring sold at the Armageddon event

Zombie Hunters cars at the Armageddon

There were several activities attendees could take part in, like skate at the mini indoor ice skating rink or watch people wrestle. It’s like watching WWE, if you’re into that kind of thing. People also queued for the meet & greet / signing session of several TV stars and voice actors. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t recognize anybody, except for one dude…and I don’t even know his name. ?

Nintendo booth at the Armageddon event

One of the highlights of our visit was the few booths focused on console games. We didn’t buy anything since we still had a stack of games we’ve yet to finish back at the flat. Nonetheless, it was fun browsing and seeing if there were anything interesting that we might have missed! ?

consoles which guests can use to play games

one of the Mighty Ape NZ booths at the Armageddon event

tabletop gaming demo at the Armageddon

In our opinion, no gaming convention will be complete without tabletop games! I have a soft spot for these, thanks to my brothers’ influence​s. I remember playing Mage: The Ascension when I was younger. Unfortunately, there weren’t much aside from D&D books being sold at the Armageddon event. ?

table filled with board games

We became so excited whenever we spotted board games displayed at a booth. We saw several ones which we already own and enjoy playing, such as Pandemic and Dixit. I was eyeing Ticket to Ride, but decided to grab that some other time. ?

plushies being sold at Armageddon

Sailor Moon merchandise featuring Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon

S and I left the stadium a bit late in the afternoon. In our tote bag was a Sailor Moon merch for me and the Pokémon encyclopedia for S’ nephews. We had fun looking around, but definitely wished for more to see and do. I’m sure S would’ve been more willing to burn more cash if there were plenty of One Piece related stuff to buy. ?

*Cover photo / Armageddon banner borrowed from their Facebook page.

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